We believe that great things in business are never accomplished by one person. They are made by a team of people.

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The modern world is changeable and movable. The number of buildings under construction inevitably increases. Respectively, and increased the number of systems internal and external communication, inevitably requiring counseling professionals, reliable protection and control of the implementation of performance standards.

To ensure quality and reliable operation of various engineering systems was established the company "SAMPRAS".

Young and highly qualified team of professionals holds an important place in the market of Ukraine. Our partners are construction, components and Assembly companies, engineering organizations and institutions, enterprises of housing and communal services.

The basic profile of our activity are:

  • insulation for pipes of foamed polyethylene;
  • insulation for pipes of foamed rubber;
  • materials for sound insulation of air ducts;
  • accessories for pipe insulation: glue, tape, adhesive, staples;
  • non-flared cast iron sewage;
  • sewer ladders SANPREIS with different types of grids: plastic, stainless steel, designer, cast iron;
  • soundproofing walls, floors and ceilings.

The specialists of "SAMPRAS" make maximum knowledge, skills and competence, solving Your technical tasks. For us there are no small problems and minor errors. We guarantee results, because it affects not only our good name, but also Your peace of mind and comfort.

Our clients

We do not divide our clients by size of projects or fame, we dedicate ourselves in full to each of them. We love and appreciate all clients regardless of their project size, from startups to world-famous brands.

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