How the liquid soap dispenser works

The dispenser is a special container for liquid soap, it saves the consumption of detergent and ensures maximum hygiene.

How to choose the size and volume of the dispenser

Plastic dispensers are the most popular - they are easy to use, do not require special care and are inexpensive, unlike metal analogues.

Requirements for paper dispensers for medical institutions

When choosing a towel dispenser, attention should be paid to the material from which it is made, its quality and size.

Handrail-support for the sink, how to choose

The handrail is an additional fulcrum that helps a person to carry out water procedures without relying on the sink itself.

Non–combustible trash can - what is its advantage

A non–flammable bucket is an ideal option for collecting garbage such as cigarette butts and matches, since stainless steel cannot melt and catch fire, and in general is not afraid of fire.

22 Feb 2022

International Construction Exhibition KyivBuild 2022

The international exhibition KyivBuild 2022 was held in Kiev from February 16 to 18, at which we had the honor to attend. The exhibition was filled with participants with new products and solutions, which we will briefly tell you about.

07 Feb 2022

Handrails in ABS housing for bathrooms - already in our warehouse

We are glad to share the news with you: we have expanded the range of handrails for bathrooms. Now we have handrails available in yellow and white ABS plastic.

Trash can with mounting on the facade, what is the advantage

The retractable trash can is attached to the wall of the kitchen cabinet door under the sink, and in the process of opening the door, the lid automatically opens, so the process of waste disposal will be contactless and more hygienic.

26 Jan 2022

New items in our assortment: plastic accessories, buckets and garbage containers are already in our warehouse!

A large assortment of plastic dispensers, for towels, paper, and soap foam, trash cans, bins and other bathroom accessories - Turkish manufacturer AFACAN PLASTIK.