How the liquid soap dispenser works

Recently, ordinary soap dishes are increasingly found in homes and various institutions. After all, despite the fact that soap is designed to protect against bacteria, a soap dish is an excellent environment for their reproduction. In addition, more modern and safe dispenser devices have replaced soap dishes. They are very easy to operate, hygienic, have a long service life and are inexpensive

Dispenser (aka dispenser) – special container for liquid soap. It allows you to save the consumption of detergent and ensures maximum hygiene. Soap, at the same time, is given an optimal portion. It is quite enough to wash your hands thoroughly. At the same time, contact with various surfaces is practically minimized.

How does the dispenser work?

If everything is clear about the purpose of the dispenser, then this is how it works – no. The principle of operation of various dispensers, first of all, depends on its variety. So, all dispensers are divided into mechanical and sensory.

Mechanical dispensers are easier to operate. They serve soap when a button or lever is pressed. If we talk about the advantages of such a dispenser, then perhaps the most significant is the budget. They are very often purchased for cafes, hospitals, public toilets, etc.

As for touch devices, their design is more complicated. They are equipped with special infrared sensors. Soap is served when the palm is held in the coverage area of such a sensor. This is how the submission of funds is launched. Automatic devices are more expensive than mechanical ones, but they are safer. This is due to the fact that the sensor dispenser does not imply direct contact.

There is also an elbow dispenser. However, its principle of operation is similar to a conventional mechanical device. The supply of soap or antiseptic occurs after pressing the lever. This view is a great option for points with a large flow of visitors. The main advantage is minimization of contact with an open area of the body. The lever is designed to be pressed with the elbow.

How to choose a dispenser?

The range of dispensers is so large that it is often the choice of the device that becomes a problem. The key criterion in any case becomes the type of device. And here everything depends on the number of people visiting. For places with a large flow of visitors, it is still better to purchase sensor dispensers. If we talk about domestic use or use in rooms with a small number of people, then you can install a mechanical dispenser.


If we talk about the material from which dispensers are made, then it is metal or plastic. Metal devices, although they look stylish, but also cost more. In addition, to maintain an attractive appearance, they constantly need to be wiped from stains. Plastic dispensers are more affordable and do not require special care. Well, in case of damage, such a dispenser will simply be replaced with a new one.