Requirements for paper dispensers for medical institutions

Any medical facility is a high–risk area. After all, the accumulation of people, and also patients, can lead to the spread of viral or infectious diseases. And the number of diseases that are transmitted by household means is quite large. Therefore, in such places, special attention is paid to devices to which a large number of people have access. And one of these devices is a paper dispenser. This is a very convenient device to use, but in case of incorrect selection or processing, it can become a place of accumulation of bacteria.

What kind of dispensers are there?

Before choosing a suitable dispenser, it is necessary to understand what they are in general. All holders can be divided into the following types:

  • Dispensers for sheet towels. The device is a square case. Such a holder is attached to the wall, which provides convenient access. These dispensers are compact enough and are great for small spaces. It is worth noting that such dispensers are also different, depending on the laying of towels.


  • Dispenser for rolled towels. Such devices are ideal for rooms with high traffic, such as medical institutions. The main disadvantage can only be considered a large size. Therefore, such holders are installed in more spacious rooms.


  • There are also dispensers for roll and sheet towels. However, they are not very popular because of their large size.

How to choose a dispenser for a medical institution?

If we talk about choosing a dispenser, then, first of all, it is worth understanding which towels will be used. So, choosing a device becomes easier, and the circle narrows.

The next criterion is the material from which the holder is made. Today, the main materials are stainless steel and plastic.

Plastic dispensers are much cheaper than metal analogues. This is the reason that plastic holders are more popular. In addition, they do not require special care. And in the case of medical institutions, the issue of caring for various devices is as relevant as possible. Because everything must be treated with special antibacterial agents. Plastic dispensers are little affected by such substances. Therefore, it is safe to install them. In addition, they are less traumatic, which is also relevant in various medical premises.


It is difficult to imagine any medical institution without a paper dispenser. This allows you to observe hygiene rules and prevent the spread of various diseases. It is important that the dispensers are made of reliable material, treated with antibacterial agents according to the schedule and are securely closed to prevent various substances from getting inside.