How to choose the size and volume of the dispenser

The appearance of various dispensers has made life much more comfortable. Now you do not need to hang a towel next to the washbasin or put a roll of toilet paper directly on the toilet. At the same time, the choice of such devices is so great that you can pick up a dispenser for liquid soap or antiseptic, for toilet paper or a paper towel. And if in the case of liquid containers it is not difficult to choose a dispenser in size, then problems may arise with the choice of a towel holder. After all, towels exist in different sizes, and, consequently, the dispenser should be chosen for this parameter.

What are dispensers and how to choose them?

All paper towel dispensers can be divided into two main types depending on the feeding system:

The dispenser for sheet towels is as easy to use as possible, and the principle of its operation does not cause additional questions. A stack of towels folded Z-shaped is loaded into such a device. Pulling out one towel, the edge of the next one is pulled out after it. Such holders are often made of transparent plastic. This makes it possible to monitor the remaining towels and add them as needed. Choosing this type of device, the main criterion is the width of the towel. If the dispenser is smaller, the towels will crumple and get badly. Therefore, it is better to purchase a slightly larger device.


The dispenser for rolled towels, respectively, is designed for paper towels in the form of rolls. This is the best option for rooms with high traffic. When choosing such a device, it is important to take into account not only the height of the roll, but also the winding. Too thick a roll simply may not fit into the holder, or else it will collapse, which will make it difficult to issue towels. 

There are also dispensers that are designed for both rolled towels and sheet towels at the same time. Such devices are convenient in spacious and very visited places. After all, they take up quite a lot of space, but they should be refueled less often than others.

If we talk about the material from which paper towel dispensers are made, then plastic holders are the most popular. They are easy to use, do not need special care and are inexpensive, unlike metal analogues. The only drawback can be considered - a high probability of mechanical damage. The plastic dispenser may crack and it is impossible to repair it. However, the affordable price allows you to simply replace the dispenser with a new one.

Paper towel dispensers are widely used in kitchens in cafes and restaurants, in schools, medical institutions and even in everyday life. This is a convenient device that makes our life more comfortable.