Handrails in ABS housing for bathrooms - already in our warehouse

We are glad to share the news with you: we have expanded the range of handrails for bathrooms. Now we have handrails available in yellow and white ABS plastic.

They differ only in the grade of steel that is under the shell – AISI 201 or AISI 304.
Handrails made of AISI 201 are cheaper, since the chromium and nickel content in this alloy is less.

Handrails with AISI 201 steel grade are best used in places where they will not be exposed to aggressive environments, as well as oxidation - these are any heated rooms.

But handrails with AISI 304 steel grade can be used in unheated damp rooms, as well as on the street.

Now briefly about what kind of handrails for bathrooms you can buy from us:

1. The handrails are straight - 50 and 80 cm long .

Now we are ready to meet the needs of customers who have requested handrails larger than 60cm from us!

2. The handrail is L-shaped with a swivel leg – this type of handrail differs from stainless steel in its size: 60 * 70 cm. It is more compact and miniature, suitable even for small bathrooms.

3. The handrail is angled at 135 degrees - the dimensions are 70 * 50 cm. This is the most convenient size of handrails than we had in stock before. Suitable for those customers who have a large wall area in the bathroom and need to install 1 unit on the entire wall, for example, above the bathroom.

4. Folding wall handrails - 60 cm long, indispensable for installation near sinks and toilets.

5. Wall stationary with three supports - it is convenient to hold on to such a grip if you need to wash your hands.

6. The handrail under the washbasin – came in 2 types: wall and with wall/floor mounting.And also the dimensions of these handrails perfectly match the size of the sinks that are installed in Ukraine.

7. Wall-mounted bathing seat - in 2 colors - white and yellow. An additional support leg makes it more stable during operation.

And the biggest advantage of these handrails is the nylon coating. Nylon is more durable and more resistant to chemicals. The coating has a textured surface, which minimizes hand slip when gripping.