Trash can with mounting on the facade, what is the advantage

A retractable trash can, also known as a bucket with a facade mount, is a functional thing that is most often used in the kitchen, but can be used in any other room. In fact, this is the same trash can, the peculiarity of which is that it must be hung on the wall in kitchen furniture.

Thanks to two convenient fasteners, the lid opens automatically during the opening of the door, so the process of waste disposal will be contactless and more hygienic.

What should be a high-quality retractable bucket?

When you choose a trash bucket, you should first pay attention to the material from which the products are made. The best stainless steel is considered to be better than AISI 304, which is characterized by high strength and resistance to various substances.

An excellent characteristic will be the chrome coating, which gives aesthetics and complements the qualities of stainless steel. These are the buckets you can find on sale in our store. The bucket tank and the lid to it are made of stainless chrome steel. Other parts are made of durable ABS plastic, resistant to mechanical influences and household chemicals.

The main advantages of the retractable hinged bucket

The first indisputable advantage is compactness. Due to its small size, the bucket can be hidden in most modern kitchen cabinets, which will save valuable space in small kitchens.

The second advantage is contactless use.  When you open the door of the hinged cabinet, the lid of the bucket opens automatically, which means you will not be in contact with the trash can, and the process of use will be much more hygienic.

The third advantage is the universal appearance, because the bucket will be hidden in the furniture. Agree, you can ruin even the most beautiful kitchen unit with an untidy or out-of-date trash can. In this case, you will be completely insured against such a design blunder.

The next advantage of the non-contact retractable bucket is the absence of load on the facade of furniture. It is necessary to attach such a bucket according to the instructions on the wall of the locker, and not on the door. The door will not sag and will not be exposed to additional, which means that furniture and accessories will last longer.

The advantages also include materials. If you choose high-quality stainless chrome steel trash cans, the product will serve for many years. This material is resistant to mechanical damage, does not rust, is not afraid of temperature changes, is not affected by mold, is not sharpened by insects and has a lot of positive properties. In addition, the remaining trash cans can be treated with any household chemicals and disinfectants based on alcohol or other substances. The only thing that is undesirable to use is abrasive powders for cleaning, which can still scratch the beautiful chrome coating.
A simple installation process will allow you to quickly mount the bucket in the right place, and if necessary, remove and move it. The simplicity of the design will allow even a novice craftsman or a person far from repair work to deal with this task.

Another advantage of such a bucket is versatility. Most often, retractable hinged buckets are used in the kitchen under the sink, but they have applications in other residential and non-residential premises. For example, such a bucket is functional in a garage or in a storage room, where a lot of garbage is expected and space needs to be saved.

In conclusion, we note that such a simple attribute as a trash can can be either a functional and convenient object, or vice versa - spoil the interior and be inconvenient to use. In order to choose good mounted buckets, please contact our managers.