Drainage trays and ladders

Drainage trays of the Medium series: scope and equipment

Medium trays are suitable for installation in places with high traffic and dynamic load.

Corner ladder, its types and features

The corner ladder is a special triangular drainage system designed for installation at the junction of two walls of the bathroom, in the corner.

What is a sand trap

A sand catcher is a kind of filter that cleans sewer pipes from sand, refined petroleum products, and potentially dangerous particles.

Rain receivers and equipment

The rain receiver is a kind of container, part of a point drainage system, for removing moisture from highways, pedestrian zones, private property territories.

Which shower ladder to choose

What shape and length to choose a shower ladder - linear, dotted (in the form of a square or circle) or angular.

Do I need waterproofing when installing a shower ladder

Waterproofing is needed wherever water actively enters the shower, and the main thing is to choose high-quality materials and perform waterproofing correctly.

Where to buy shower ladders

A wide range of shower ladders designed for installation both in home showers, including for chemical, food and pharmaceutical enterprises.

How to clean the door tray

The door tray provides reliable protection from moisture and dirt, which is brought into the room with the shoes of incoming people.

How to connect a street ladder

Street ladders are designed to drain water from the outdoor storm system into the sewer.