Which shower ladder to choose

In this text, we will touch on the issue of choosing the size of the shower ladder, since the modern market offers several options and it is sometimes difficult to make a choice. In fact, when it comes to a shower ladder, several different devices fall under this name. Conditionally, they can be divided into three types:

Read on about how these drainage methods differ and what they are intended for.

Point ladder

In shape, it is always a square ladder, which is designed to remove water at a specific point. They are considered the most inexpensive, do not take up much space, and are easy to install. Such devices are designed for connection to sewer pipes with a diameter of 50, 100 mm, that is, they meet the standards. The output can be horizontal or vertical.

The configuration assumes the presence of a housing, a shutter and a decorative grille. The grid can be, respectively, with a side size of 10, 15 and 20 cm. The larger the diameter of the sewer pipe and the size of the grate— the more water the ladder can take out in minutes. This is called throughput.

The material of the housing affects the scope of operation of the point ladder. Plastic is a versatile and inexpensive option for home showers. If the frame is made of stainless steel— such a ladder is suitable for installation at pharmacology enterprises producing chemicals.

The throat of the ladder can be smooth or corrugated. In the second case, it is easy to trim the extra length even with self-installation. The height of such a point ladder should not exceed the height of the screed.

Linear ladder

The second name of this width is the shower tray, you can also find the phrase "shower channel". This type of ladder has the shape of a rectangle, can be from 33 to 80 cm long. On sale you can find linear ladders for 40, 60 and 60 cm. Such devices have a higher bandwidth than point devices. Accordingly, the longer the channel— the higher the bandwidth. They are often used for drainage in open-type showers when there is no shower tray and shower doors, and water is drained directly from the bathroom floor.

The most inexpensive options for shower channels cost about 1000 UAH, so it is advisable to install them both at home and in hotels, public places. The main feature is the visual aspect, because the open-type shower looks very modern.


The design of the linear ladder consists of a gutter, a siphon, legs, and a shutter. The siphon can be of a rotary type and it is worth looking for such ladders if access to the sewer drain is difficult. The legs allow you to adjust the height of the ladder under the screed. The grid serves a decorative purpose and the choice of such elements is very wide. The trays under the tile look interesting when ceramic tiles or terrazzo can be laid on top of the structure and the tray will be almost invisible.

Corner ladder

The name hints at the installation area of the ladder, most of these ladders have a triangular shape. Angular water outlets make it possible to simplify the process of creating a floor slope, because it needs to be done only in one direction. It will not be possible to adjust such a product in height, therefore it is necessary to strictly check the height of the screed and the ladder itself in advance. The outlet to the sewer is always horizontal.

In terms of functionality, the corner ladder differs little from the point ladder, the main difference is the visual aspect. The corner ladders consist of a housing, a siphon and a sublattice