How to connect a street ladder

A special ladder is used to connect the underground sewer system and downpipes. This simple device helps to remove water from the outdoor stormwater system into the sewer and is mounted under the place of organization of the outdoor drainage system.

Street ladders are characterized by simplicity of design, functionality and ease of installation. High-quality Ecoteck ladders, for example, have a special leaf catcher in the kit, which helps to easily clean them from accumulated dirt and avoid clogging the pipes.

What does a street ladder look like

A street ladder is a small tray made of durable plastic.The material is resistant to mechanical damage, ambient temperature changes, the effects of aggressive substances, abrasive effects of sand and mud flows.

The upper part of the ladder is a special hatch, which is equipped with an outlet for pipes of various sizes. Under the hatch there is a leaf catcher, which prevents clogging of the drainage system and detains foreign objects. Another plus of the configuration is the presence of a "smell collector" device, which does not freeze even at low temperatures and serves to ensure that odors from the sewer do not spread.

How to properly install a street ladder

To begin with, it is necessary to determine the installation location. Ladders are installed at the base of the building, at the place where the main external drainage system will be installed. Follow the simple instructions:

  1. Place the hatch on a flat surface, preferably one that is not a pity to cut.
  2. There are several diameters for the pipe on the outer edge of the marking, select the necessary one.
  3. Carefully cut the hole with a sharp knife, it is optimal to use a knife for cutting floor coverings.
  4. Place the hatch with the slot on the ladder body.
  5. Connect the tray to the sewer pipe using the O-ring.
  6. Assemble the entire system, start concreting.
  7. The street ladder should be concreted to the base of the edge of the housing.
  8. To avoid deformation of the structure during concreting, make sure that the inner part of the tray-the cleaning hatch and the leaf trap-are inside.


Please note: when installing the ladder, it is necessary to avoid bumps and other mechanical influences on the body of the street ladder. In general, installation by specialized specialists is recommended, and self-installation is not as simple as it may seem at first glance.

Maintenance of a street ladder

Thanks to the well-thought-out design and high-quality materials, Ecoteck street ladders are practically maintenance-free. Depending on the time of year and environmental conditions, the foliage catcher should be removed from time to time, cleaned manually from contamination. The service life of this drainage device, declared by the manufacturer, is at least 20 years, but in practice the street ladder does not require special maintenance and can last for a longer time.