Drainage trays of the Medium series: scope and equipment

To create an effective drainage system, high-quality components are needed. First of all, this is true for drainage trays. Today we will talk about a series of trays called Medium - their advantages and configuration.

What are Medium Outdoor Drainage trays and what are the advantages

The drainage tray is a place for capturing stormwater and snowmelt masses, respectively, on how high-quality the tray is installed, it will depend on how effectively stormwater is removed. The Medium drainage system has proven itself excellent in the Ukrainian market. The first distinguishing feature is the presence of reinforced plastic gratings with the addition of innovative fiberglass.

This material is designed for increased loads, which means that Medium trays are suitable for installation in places with high traffic and dynamic load:

  • pedestrian zones, gardens, parks, places of public entertainment
  • highways with passenger transport traffic
  • garages, parking lots, service stations
  • private real estate objects.


Another advantage of the series is a wide choice of tray height, which allows you to install this drainage system in places where similar devices simply do not fit. You can purchase trays with a height of:

  • 85 mm
  • 115 mm
  • 145 mm
  • 195 mm

The trays are also adapted for connection to sewer pipes with diameters of 50, 110 and 160 mm, which makes the Medium series universal. The plastic used for the production of the drain belongs to the class of composite, which means resistance to large dynamic loads.

Other advantages of Medium plastic trays should include:

  • resistance to salt, alkalis, acids and other chemicals that can get into the tray together with stormwater
  • not susceptible to rotting, mold, corrosion, and plastic is not a favorable environment for the reproduction of pathogens and viruses. Such trays can be installed on the territories of polyclinics, hospitals, other medical institutions and treated with any disinfectants
  • the special shape allows you to avoid clogging with fallen leaves and other street garbage, the cleaning process is simple and fast
  • high throughput, thanks to smooth plastic walls
  • resistance to ambient temperature: plastic retains its characteristics in a wide temperature range from -40 to 50 °C
  • reinforced walls prevent warping and other deformations of the tray during installation and operation
  • simple installation - the tray is easy to assemble, and it does not require special skills
  • low weight and maximum sealing ensure high-quality work
  • the composite plastic used by the manufacturer does not harm the environment and is recyclable.


Complete set of drainage systems Medium

The complete set of a standard tray, regardless of the selected size, will consist of:
  • the tray itself is a plastic container
  • plugs, adapters
  • reinforced grating made of plastic with fiberglass components.