Grab bars and bathroom accessories

How the liquid soap dispenser works

The dispenser is a special container for liquid soap, it saves the consumption of detergent and ensures maximum hygiene.

How to choose the size and volume of the dispenser

Plastic dispensers are the most popular - they are easy to use, do not require special care and are inexpensive, unlike metal analogues.

Requirements for paper dispensers for medical institutions

When choosing a towel dispenser, attention should be paid to the material from which it is made, its quality and size.

Handrail-support for the sink, how to choose

The handrail is an additional fulcrum that helps a person to carry out water procedures without relying on the sink itself.

Toilet paper dispensers: plastic or metal

A large assortment of plastic and metal toilet paper dispensers.

Toilet paper dispenser with side extension

A dispenser, that is, a kind of dispenser, is called a special accessory for the bathroom - a toilet paper box, which allows you to use paper more economically and protect it from dust or moisture.

Toilet paper dispenser - at what height to hang

Dispensers are simple accessories that are mounted on the wall near the toilet at arm's length.

Dispenser of toilet linings: at what height to place

The dispenser is a metal box for storing disposable pads, paper, and paper towels to maintain hygiene in bathrooms.