Toilet paper dispenser - at what height to hang

In order for the bathroom to be functional, it is not enough to make a modern renovation and buy all the necessary accessories. Such things as a distributor of disposable pads, paper towels and a toilet paper holder must be placed correctly, focusing on the area and configuration of the bathroom. Today we will tell you how to properly place the toilet paper dispenser in such a way that it is convenient to use this accessory.

Dispenser: how to choose

Toilet paper dispensers — they are also dispensers - are simple accessories that are mounted on the wall near the toilet. A roll of toilet paper is placed inside the box, which simply comes off as needed, clinging to special slots. Such accessories are produced in different shapes, sizes and from various materials. Plastic dispensers are quite suitable for home use — they are inexpensive, functional and easy to care for. For example, our mini-jumbo toilet paper dispenser has dimensions of only 240x210x120 mm, is made of impact-resistant plastic and is optimally suited for home use or operation in booths in public places.

In the assortment there is a similar model with dimensions of 260x235x130mm, where you can place a larger roll — it is convenient both at home and in places with a large crowd of people. Plastic dispensers of large sizes 250x250x160 mm have proven themselves well. All these accessories have a closed system when the roll is inside the box, which means that they ensure the hygiene of using the bathroom.

Of the advantages, it is also worth noting the possibility of processing plastic with any disinfectant compounds and, of course, the economy of use — do not forget that, first of all, the dispenser is designed for economical use of paper.

How to hang a dispenser

It is necessary to place the dispenser at arm's length to the right of the toilet. The installation height is 60-70 cm from the floor, that is, the lower part of the dispenser should be placed at this level. Such parameters are convenient for home bathrooms and public cabins. If the configuration of the room does not allow you to place the dispenser on the right, it is placed to the left of the toilet or mounted on the wall behind the tank.

For toilets used by people with disabilities, the norms will be slightly different. An adapted bathroom for sedentary groups of the population should have special handrails that will help to hold on during the movement of a person from a wheelchair to the toilet. And for this, more space is needed than for standard toilets. It is necessary to place the dispenser in such a room at a distance of 30-40 cm from the edge of the toilet, the installation height is from 60 cm to 110 cm, depending on the configuration of the handrails.