Toilet paper dispensers: plastic or metal

Toilet paper holders are a very convenient attribute that is used both at home and in public toilets. And it is worth removing it, as soon as we begin to experience discomfort.

Toilet paper dispensers were invented a long time ago and very quickly gained their popularity. In addition, they are inexpensive, and the choice is so great that you can choose it by size, shape, color, material, etc.

If we talk about the appearance, then the choice of the dispenser lies solely in personal preferences. But the question is which dispenser to choose: plastic or metal, worries many. To do this, it is worth carefully studying all the advantages and disadvantages of both types.


Plastic or metal toilet paper holder?

In order to make a choice, it is best to study all the characteristics of the holders. Plastic dispensers are still the most popular - and this is not by chance. They have a number of advantages when compared with metal:

  • ease of care. Water stains or handprints are not so visible on the plastic holder. And to remove them, it is enough to wipe them with a damp cloth.
  • affordable price. Unlike stainless steel dispensers, plastic ones are quite inexpensive.
  • a variety of options.
  • versatility. Such holders can be used both at home and in various institutions.

If we talk about the disadvantages, then there is only one in the plastic holder – relative fragility. Plastic, no matter how durable it is, is more susceptible to various mechanical damage. However, this disadvantage is easily compensated by a small cost. In case of failure, the plastic dispenser will not be difficult to replace with a new one.

How to choose the right dispenser?

Choosing a dispenser among a huge assortment will not be difficult. But the first thing you should pay attention to is the type of device. So, there are sheet holders and roll holders. Accordingly, roll-up devices are designed for paper in rolls, sheet - for paper in separate sheets. Therefore, the choice depends solely on what kind of paper you are used to using.

The main criteria: color, type of attachment, etc– - it's an individual matter.

If the choice is between an open and a closed device, then it is better to choose the second option. And though the open ones are easier to use: they are attached to the wall and a roll is put on it, closed dispensers are more hygienic. They protect the paper from dust and moisture, and also prevent tactile contact.

There are also dispensers for two rolls. Such holders will be relevant in places with high traffic.

The choice of toilet paper holders is so great that everyone can easily find their ideal option.