Dispenser of toilet linings: at what height to place

The functionality of using the bathroom largely depends on the correct placement of objects in this room. This statement is true for small bathrooms, and also applies to large spacious rooms. Today we will tell you where it is most convenient to place a dispenser of toilet linings and other accessories for the toilet and bathroom.

Dispenser placement rules

The dispenser is a metal box for storing disposable pads to maintain hygiene in the toilet. Such dispensers are in demand in public places: cinemas, entertainment centers, airports, as well as hospitals and hospitals. Our wall-mounted dispenser for toilet covers is made of stainless steel, designed for 200 sheets and has a window for non-contact use of sanitary pads. The accessory has compact dimensions: width 39 cm, height 27 cm, depth 5 cm. It is mounted on the wall in mounting holes, and special fasteners are supplied as a set. When the sanitary pads run out, the dispenser opens with a special key — and you can easily fill it.

Among other things, stainless steel provides a long service life, resistance to oxidation and mechanical damage. Stainless steel toilet and bathroom dispensers can be treated with any disinfectant compounds, which makes them the best option for use in public places. It is optimal to mount the dispenser at a height of 60-70 cm from the floor above the tank or next to it, in this position it is convenient for a person to reach the dispenser standing.

Toilet Paper Holder

Naturally, it is impossible to do in sanitary rooms without a toilet paper holder. For public places, it is better to choose accessories made of chrome-plated stainless steel. As already noted, the material is strong, durable and easily treatable with disinfectants. It is better to install a wall mount holder to the right of the toilet, on the wall, at a height of 60-70 cm from the floor. If the configuration of the room does not allow you to install the holder on the right, it can be hung on the left side of the toilet, or placed on the wall behind the tank.

Disposable Towel Dispenser


In places with a large crowd of people, according to modern sanitary standards, it is worth using disposable paper towels placed in a contactless dispenser. It is placed near the washbasin at a height of 120 cm. After washing hands, it is convenient for a person to reach the towel dispenser placed at this level. Do not forget that an urn is placed on the floor near the sink. It is better to choose a chrome-plated contactless urn with a lid that opens with the foot by pressing the pedal.