Toilet paper dispenser with side extension

A dispenser, that is, a kind of dispenser, is called a special accessory for a bathroom - a box in which a roll of toilet paper is placed. Such distributors allow you to use paper more economically and protect it from dust or moisture. The closed box in which the roll is hidden allows you to increase the hygiene of using the toilet, which is especially important in public places. Today we will tell you about dispensers with lateral traction — what is their advantage and what these seemingly simplest accessories are.

What is lateral traction

Dispensers come with a lower and lateral extension, as it is easy to guess, in the first case, the paper is taken from the bottom, in the second - from the side. In practice, such dispensers do not differ much, but according to reviews, it is more convenient to use a holder with a side extension.


Types of dispensers

Closed toilet paper holders are available in different sizes: the most popular 250x250x160 mm and 215x200x135 mm. The first option is designed for use in public places with heavy traffic — at train stations, airports, hospitals, hospitals, entertainment centers. The second type of size is suitable for a standard roll of paper and is intended for places with a small number of visitors: kindergartens, schools, other educational institutions and home use.

The material for the production of dispensers is usually durable ABC plastic. The material is resistant to mechanical influences, it is considered an anti-vandal type of plastics. In addition, ABC plastic is resistant to moisture, corrosion, oxidation, and aggressive household chemicals. You can process a plastic accessory with any disinfectant compounds, which is especially important when arranging such dispensers for hospitals, polyclinics, toilets in wards, etc.

After the paper runs out, the dispenser opens with a special lock. Sometimes there is a special key included with the lock, sometimes the model has a standard type lock without a key.

The color palette of these accessories is very wide: they come in white, gray, black, can be translucent or with an imitation of the color of chrome steel. Such a variety allows you to choose a dispenser for any bathroom interior. The dispenser is mounted on the wall in special mounting holes at arm's length from the edge of the toilet. The optimal height is 60-70 cm from the floor level.