Handrail-support for the sink, how to choose

Daily morning procedures will become as comfortable and convenient as possible, and most importantly safe in the bathroom, if you use special support handrails.

The handrail for the washbasin is considered the most reliable device, and most importantly, easy to operate, which helps people in different age categories. These can be elderly pensioners, and people prone to obesity, disabled people or people with trauma, for whom routine procedures cause certain difficulties, to which a healthy person does not pay attention and does not attach special importance.

Therefore, the most popular element of the bathroom, which is adapted for people with limited functions, is a handrail for the washbasin.

How to choose?

It is not often necessary to buy handrails in the bathroom and equip everything yourself. Therefore, anyone who is faced with the problem of choice for the first time experiences misunderstanding and certain difficulties in determining the required size. If you study the functionality and application of the equipment in advance, when choosing you will know exactly what you want.

For safety, the handrail cover is made of self-extinguishing material and is non-flammable, which is safe for people with disabilities. The support is environmentally safe and suitable for different groups of the population.

Among the advantages of such a design, it is worth highlighting:

  • endurance
  • simple installation
  • exclusion of deformations

Why do I need a handrail and how is it installed?

The handrail is an additional fulcrum that helps a person to carry out water procedures without relying on the sink itself. Often, any handrail has six attachment points: two on the wall and four on the floor.

Mounting brackets with dowels are provided for the wall, and decorative linings are made for the floor, which do not allow sliding and firmly fix the handrail. They also visually add an aesthetic appearance to the product. The handrail itself is made of stainless steel. The ribbed structure of the coating provides slip resistance, safety and rigidity.

Thanks to the holder, a person even in a wheelchair can rise to an upright position and wash himself, brush his teeth, wash his hands, etc. without assistance.

You can find such equipment not only in medical institutions, but also in hotels, sanatoriums, nursing homes, airports, shopping malls, train stations, apartments and private homes.

Handrails provide the necessary support and support when walking, standing and sitting. In addition to high strength characteristics, corrosion resistance, and, accordingly, a long service life, stainless steel products have an external appeal, a shining surface allows you to use handrails in decoration as a stylish design element.