Do I need waterproofing when installing a shower ladder

Before installing a new shower area and in particular a ladder, many are wondering if waterproofing is needed or if it is possible to do without additional costs and time. In this text we will try to answer this question in as much detail as possible.

Whatwill happen without waterproofing

If you decide to abandon the waterproofing of walls and floors, the process of blurring the cement layer will begin in the near future. The regularity of the washout will be directly related to how actively the shower area is used, and in this case, it is impossible to avoid chipping off a new tile or mosaic coating in the area of the floor and walls.

The more actively they use the shower without waterproofing, the faster streaks, streaks, and yellow spots will appear on the ceiling of the lower floor. All this harms the repair of neighbors from below, which is fraught not only with material costs, but also with other troubles. From the above we conclude: in order to keep your own neat shower from chipping tiles and reputation in the eyes of neighbors - waterproofing of the ladder is mandatory!

Where is it necessary to make moisture protection

In fact, waterproofing is needed everywhere where water from the shower actively enters. Conditionally, the shower areas can be divided into wet and wet.

The first suggest a layer of water:

  • areas of the floor where water flows from the hose
  • corners and the lower part of the walls
  • the upper part of the walls, where water enters due to the configuration of the shower
  • pipes on which condensation appears, subsequently flowing down to the floor


Special attention is paid to the drain hole, especially with regard to the open-type shower. All of the above places require a layer of waterproofing. The rest of the shower area is wet and does not require special insulation.

Waterproofing requirements

Perhaps the main requirement is the removal of moisture that accumulates on the floor and walls of the bathroom. This implies the correct installation of a shower ladder, without which, even when choosing the best drainage system, you can not do. If we are talking about a point ladder, the slope towards the drain should be at least 3%. When they talk about an angular ladder, you should do at least 2% of the slope towards the tray. Do not forget that an open-type shower should be closed by a kind of threshold that protects the rest of the bathroom area from spilled water.



In the process of waterproofing the ladder, the waterproofing acrylic membrane has proven itself well. It is used before laying tiles. The one-component composition based on water has good adhesion, adheres qualitatively to the surface of the screed. Such substances are environmentally friendly, have no harmful components. It should be applied in 2-3 layers, each subsequent layer is applied after the previous one has dried crosswise.

Also, special tapes for joints and seams are used for insulation. Good, high-quality tapes are produced on the basis of reinforced rubber mesh, which has high-quality waterproofing features. The main advantages include tear resistance, non-susceptibility to chemical aggressive substances, high-quality adhesion. It is possible to use such a sealing tape both in internal and external works.