Shower trays

When buying a shower tray series LDK Norma or Wall Drain for 6000 UAH, You get a set of mixers 4in1 for 2400 UAH as a gift!


  • The bandwidth of the trays 42 l/min
  • Length adjustment

— If the length of the product for some reason does not suit You, it can be easily cut to the required length. Then sanded the burrs and dress the edges of special plugs. The length of the grating should be not less than the length of the gutter, i.e. 30 cm.

Such solutions will fit to any interior and are the most modern and stylish.

Guaranteed to get a gift!

Buying a shower tray series LDK Norma or Wall Drain, You get a set of the 4in1 mixer as a gift.

  • Set includes: bath mixer, wash basin, shower, hose, and watering can.

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