Sheet insulation made of foam rubber, shopping center, Kiev

Technical insulation
The client

Supply a sheet of insulation foam rubber Armacell NH for thermal insulation of pipes, ventilation and air conditioning systems in the shopping center elenovskaya str,23 in Kyiv. Armacell NH is a professional insulation made of foam rubber for reducing smoke and toxic emissions in case of fire.

For special cases, Armacell has established a special flexible insulation material of closed pore structure - NH/Armaflex ®. This material is created on the basis of synthetic rubber and does not contain chlorides and bromides. In the event of his falling into the fire, the smoke gas density is negligible. NH/Armaflex ® - a product that meets the highest environmental requirements and fire safety requirements.

In the case of insulation material NH/Armaflex ®, the problems of toxicity arising from dioxin exposure or granola when burning, do not exist. With self-combustion of this material zamostochie. When burning material does not drip and does not spread flames.