PVC funnels for drainage of water from the roof

Drainage drainage
The client
Dervus Design

Our Polyurethane funnels Drain in modular houses by Dervus Design. The funnels are intended for collecting/discharging sewage, meltwater and rainwater from the surface of roofs.

The funnel body is very plastic, having a wide smooth flange, thanks to this it fits well to the base, which is very convenient for installation, since it is welded onto a PVC membrane that covers the base.

The parapet funnel provides excellent resistance to wear caused by the sun, ozone and other weather agents or chemicals that are sometimes found in the atmosphere.

Modules at the DERVUS factory are manufactured with interior and exterior finishes, have installed door and window structures and even installed furniture and kitchen, which minimizes the work that needs to be done on the construction site.

These modular houses are supplied to the countries of Europe, the UAE, we are very proud that our material is used in their construction.