Bucket stainless steel Novus

The client

The company Sampras in the network of supermarkets Novus in Kiev was put a garbage can with a swing lid. The buyer is given the benefit of this model for two reasons:

  • the presence of buckets of large capacity (32 and 45 l)
  • hands free ejection of debris through the rotary cap


Bucket installed near the cash registers for emission checks, packages and other debris. And in departments with products prepacked for disposal of packages, disposable gloves and so on.

Bucket made of stainless steel AISI 304, therefore, have long life and are ideal for public places.

In this project we used the following materials:

Trash bin with swivel cover volumes:

  • 32 l (diameter 31cm and height 45 cm)
  • 45 l (diameter 31cm and height 56 cm)