Bins and containers

All the buckets in our range are made of stainless steel and have a wide range of volumes: 3 l, 5 l, 8 l, 12 l, 16 l, 20 l, 27 l, 32 l, 45 l

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Containers for sorting waste
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Bins and containers

Bins and containers for garbage collection is another integral part of everyone's life.

At the moment, the market is big enough selection of bins. We also offer the most functional models that are suitable for home, office, supermarket, shopping centre, schools and other institutions.

Buy trash can be very easy if you go to any supermarket or hardware store. We can buy a trash can from the comfort of home! Live photos, video reviews and accurate description will help You!

The binsthat we offer have many advantages:

  • made of stainless steel AISI 304 and 430
  • colored trash to create his style
  • a wide range of products (open, with cover, with foot pedal, with cover 360 swivel, built-in)
  • the products are certified
  • affordable price
  • noble appearance
  • all products are packaged in boxes and protective film from scratches
  • send out each day at least 5-10 buckets of New Mail to our customers!


Well the main advantage is that we have all the buckets are in stock at the warehouse in Kiev! Ordering large bulk – delivery time 2-3 weeks from Turkey!

Containers for waste sorting is a new trend. Every day more and more people trying to be loyal to our environment and solves it in the first place, the sorting of garbage is already at home!

But just for this perfect containers for waste sorting! And so they still served a long time, a prerequisite that they be made of stainless steel!

We offer the following models:

  • rectangular container without lid, stainless steel, or painted (series 101)
  • rectangular containers with lid stainless steel or painted (series 102)
  • a cylindrical container without a lid with rim, stainless steel or painted (series 103)
  • cylindrical containers without a lid, in stainless steel or painted (series 104)
  • cylindrical containers with rotating 360 cover, stainless steel, or painted (series 105)

You can buy containers of ready-made sets on the stand:

A diverse selection of dumpsters volume: 9 l and 12 l

This volume is ideal for home use in the yard, near hotels, restaurants, as well as for educational institutions: schools, lyceums, kindergartens, gymnasiums etc.