Shower channels for hotels

A modern hotel is a rather complex organized object, the implementation of which uses the accumulated years of construction and design experience. The most important point is the internal equipment of the rooms. It is the quality of the room equipment that will form most of the impression of the hotel.                                                                                                

The level and comfort of the hotel is largely determined by the presence of a bathroom and its arrangement. If earlier it was considered as an auxiliary room, today the bathroom began to resemble a spa salon with all sorts of things.

The bathroom is a separate room space, as it carries hygienic and aesthetic functions. It's hard not to agree that a shower is an indispensable way to relax during a business trip or after a walk during a tourist trip. A shower relaxes the body, restores tone and improves the emotional state of a person. In the restroom, everything should be comfortable and functional.       
In hotels in Europe over the past few years, shower cabins without a pallet with a glass partition have become very popular. It looks elegant, elegant, without unnecessary details. This design has proven itself by its practicality. Vacationers with children, elderly people or with diseases that restrict mobility, fell in love with this option for ease of use and the absence of the need to step over the side of the bathroom or pallet. 

One of the elements of the shower is a shower channel for water drainage.

The right choice of shower channel for hotels allows you to get around a lot of unpleasant situations. In order to avoid a flooded bathroom, you should pick up a tray with a capacity exceeding the volume of water from the largest watering can of the shower. Proper installation is also required.


In addition to these nuances, the channel should fit the interior of the room. The attractiveness of the bathroom and the entire interior ensemble as a whole depends on this.

The main requirements are: safety, reliability and ease of use.

Consider several types of shower channels that we offer:

1. Trays with a flange – a rectangular frame around the perimeter of the tray body and without a flange. It can be horizontal and vertical, the latter is perfect for mounting near the wall.

2. Models with sealing tape - provides protection from moisture penetration and prevents waterproofing from spreading during installation.

3. If you do not know which side of the tray will be connected to the sewer pipe, you can purchase a siphon with a 360-degree rotation that connects to the pipe from either side.

4. To install the drain in the corner, choose a corner ladder. Unlike a conventional ladder, there is no need to make a slope from four sides. It has a horizontal siphon.

5. Our channels have a pipe outlet DN 50. The water discharge rate is 32 l/min. The height of the legs is adjustable, depending on the model - combined hydraulic lock or dry.

6. Stainless steel grilles options: "rain", "square", "wave" and "under the tile".

7. If you want to connect the tray around the perimeter of the shower area or in the aisle, you can choose a channel without a flange.

Modern hotels no longer place bathrooms in bathrooms. Today, this option can be found in five-star hotels or in country residences. It is the shower, and not the cabin with a pallet, that is more suitable for urban hotels. The reason is inconvenient to maintain and wash. A good option is to make a shower area with a tray and a special glass fence.

Hotels are divided into several categories:

  • Category with 1 star – inexpensive construction materials are used. There is a shared toilet and bathroom on each floor.
  • Category 2 stars – inexpensive materials and equipment are used, but functional. 50% of the rooms should have a full bathroom, the rest of the rooms have a shared bathroom and toilet.
  • Category 3 stars – the facade of the building must correspond to the architecture of the street on which it is located. Plumbing in such bathrooms of average cost. Each room has a bathroom.
  • Category 4 stars – expensive construction materials and equipment are used. The bathrooms are equipped with expensive plumbing.
  • Category 5 stars – rooms and bathrooms are equipped with the most expensive materials. Unique interior design. In such apartments there is a full bathroom: bath, shower, toilet, washbasin. The bathroom area should be at least 4-5 m2.

A well–designed and stylish bathroom defines half of the success of a hotel room as a whole. From such details as a shower channel, faucets, room decoration, the hotel's star rating category is formed.