How to connect the door pallet yourself

Pallets installed in the yard area are an effective way to get rid of the appearance of puddles, accumulation of dirt and moisture at the entrance to the room. Also, the door tray makes it easy to maintain cleanliness in the corridor or other room serving as an entrance area. The main task of such an installation is to collect dirt, water, sand from visitors ' shoes so that all the above-mentioned contamination does not get into the room.

The pallets in the entrance door area are mounted as an autonomous system without connection to the sewage system, and can also serve as a part of the drainage system that is connected to the drains. It is worth noting: the second option is much more effective, but in Ukraine, both methods of installing a door pallet are practiced.

How to properly connect the pallet to the door area


This type of work is quite simple, and you can connect the door pallet on your own, without resorting to the help of professional builders. To connect, you should:

  1. Prepare a special trench for laying pipes, the preferred diameter of the sewer outlet is 110 mm.
  2. Align the trench with sand, followed by careful ramming.
  3. For installation, a hole is provided in the pallet, which should be connected to the sewer.
  4. If the installation is carried out in places with high traffic, and the load on the pallet is expected to be increased, laying should be done on a concrete layer.
  5. When installing a pallet and laying sewer pipes, do not forget that it is necessary to make a slope towards the drainage system for a full outflow of water and mud flows.

How to choose the right door pallet

The main characteristics that should be provided with a drainage tray in the yard area are efficiency, visual component and strength. Let's consider the best options for door pallets.

Plastic pallet 

A pallet of this type can be mounted independently or several pallet units can be used to install dirt protection of the required size at the entrance group. It is suitable for installation on the street or in the room itself, which makes the product very versatile. The upper part, which serves as a decorative grid, is removable, so the care of the pallet will be very simple. If the installation was carried out with connection to sewer pipes, it is enough to simply rinse the pallet with water from a hose to get rid of dirt. Please note: during the installation process, it is strictly forbidden for construction debris to enter the sewage drains. Otherwise, the effectiveness of the dirt-proof structure decreases significantly.

Another advantage is the presence of stiffeners, which ensure the durability and reliability of the structure. The rectangular shape makes installation simple, and the design features are universal. Special fasteners help to easily mount the grate and remove it during the care process.

The material is resistant to oxidation and corrosion, which significantly increases the service life. The pallet is "not afraid" of sand, soil, the impact of salt, which sticks to shoes in winter. The only limitation is that it is not necessary to mount the pallet in a place where the impact of the wheels of the car is possible.  Plastic door pallets are suitable for use outside and inside premises, both private and large-at industrial enterprises, at the entrance to shopping centers and other premises with high traffic. You can complete a pallet for a private estate with a plastic grid that weighs only 1.4 kg. For heavy loads, we recommend using a steel surface grating that can withstand up to 1.5 tons.