How to choose the place of installation of the shower trap

The popularity of showers roll is growing every year. For the realization of this idea in advance to think through the project and location as the ladder mounted on the floor and a place to shower pre-negotiated.

If you only make repairs to the building, the task is simplified. Is the scheme with the placement of plumbing and connection to sewer. In the dwelling, you need to take off the previous screed and do a new drainage system.

A ladder can be installed in many different ways, depending on the model:

  • Point the ladder is small in size and suitable for shower heads, medium size. Hull shape can be square, round, triangular. Very popular square shape. For mounting in the middle is the slope of the four sides to drain. This method requires effort and professionalism. You can pick up the mosaic, to make it easier to install the floor or small tiles. Also, this ladder can be installed in a corner or against the wall.

  •  The linear ramp has a long rectangular case and a high bandwidth, is established:
  • before the door of the shower stall – a unilateral bias. Tilt from bathroom spaces. There is no risk of transfusion of water. For such accommodation it is better to purchase a tray with flange – rectangular frame around the perimeter of the grid.
  • input – sided bias towards the shower. In case of water overflow can flood the entrance. The length of the channel must be from wall to wall.
  • near the wall – one of the most popular options. The slope of the floor is done in one direction. It is convenient to mount the channel with the flange.
  • setting the tray in parallel to each other. Is slant from two sides towards the shower area. The length of the two channels must also be from wall to wall. Only in case of water overflow can flood a little the entrance to the shower.
  • Wall trays similar to linear, but mounted only into the wall. It's a novelty that recently appeared on the market. Sewer pipe is fed inside the wall. This option is the hardest to install. Except for the floor should be converted and the wall. This is an expensive type of installation and possible repair with a zero or a capital reorganization.


  • If you want to place a point of taking the water in the corner, you can purchase a small triangular ladder. When properly installed, it will have a high throughput. For it is one-sided bias.


To create the correct bias exhibited special beacons. From the proper installation of the ladder depends on the quality of plum throughout the system. The coupler is done in two stages: the first time is applied evenly and is a rough tie, the second time is a slope towards the drain. Minimum pitch 1 cm per meter. With a smaller slant, the water will not be quickly diverted to the drain.


You should also pay attention to the height of the linear tray. There are models that are not governed by the legs and they are cheaper, in others there is adjustment. Better not to skimp and buy a suitable option because of the height of the channel depends on the raising of the floor level in the shower.

With the installation of the tray level grilles should not be above the level of the tiles. The thickness of the seams between the tiles is not more than 2 mm. In contrast to the ladder with a rectangular or square bars, round will require complicated cutting of the tiles, so it is not popular.

In order for the ladder match with the design of the room, it is necessary to choose the right shape and form of a lattice. For example: You liked square tiles of small size, and you want to buy it, the ideal option would be a ladder square shape. The only caveat, when such an option may not be suitable - shower system with overhead watering can "cascade", which will require high bandwidth and a small ladder can not cope with this task.

Shower channel drain provides fast water, has a modern look, ideal for shower areas a barrier-free type.

Why pay for an expensive shower if you can save and set trap roll. You can create a shower area in almost any shape and expand the visual space due to the lack of a bulky base and a frame cabin. Simplified the cleaning. No need to clean the sump of debris and dirt, simply wash the floor.