How to choose a paddle - dry or hydro?

Shower channel consists of several parts:

  • Case
  • Siphon
  • Shutter
  • Grille
  • Pipe for water drainage

Shutter is one of the important elements of the shower system. There are several types of valves: dry, hydro (wet) and combined.

Water seal – prevents the penetration of odors through water that remains inside the trap in small quantities. This option can be applied where regularly used shower. If a long time water does not penetrate in the system, all the smell of sewage penetrated into the room. For example: if you select the option shutter to the country, where water drainage will be extremely rare, it is better to choose a dry slide.

In our catalogue we can offer You shower channels in accordance with instructions following models: series classic Line (code 4012), classic Line 360 (4013), a series of Standard (4022), a series of legal (4043), legal 360 (4043.360) and a series of Maxi legal (4053), and a series of Deluxe (4016).

There is also a more budget option – traps with water seal.

Dry shutter – most often, it is a ball or a hat placed on top of the drain trap. When the ladder fills with water, the item gradually rises, and thereby opens the drain. When water flow stops, the gate falls and blocks the access of air from the sewer. This type of shutter is used in premises with occasional drainage.

Dry shutter is of several types:

  • the float, which is at the top of the aisle. When there is a flow of water - it rises and after draining falls and blocks the passage;
  • membrane, starts to work because of the pressure of the water. When water flow the shutter quickly opens and closes with a spring element.

Shower channels with a dry shutter in our range: a series of Scala code (4026) and a series of Prime (4023). Please note also our double-hulled ladders to balconies and terraces as well as on compact ladders under the tile.

Combined shutter – combines 2 above: hydro and dry. Is universal, because it prevents unnecessary odors due to water traffic. When the water dries up, the float will serve as additional protection. The price of a paddle is much higher than normal.

I hope we helped a little in this small article to learn about different types of shutter and finally make your choice!