The installation of wall ladders

Every goth technology is evolving faster and it concerns not only the sphere of technology and IT technology, and construction. The demands of designers are growing with the speed of light. After all, every customer wants the most stylish and ergonomic solution. So every year manufacturers present new products in their assortments, every few years produced a truly innovative solution. Radically different and modern that change the world of design.

One of these solutions steel shower channels wall type. Yes, Yes, now take a shower, You will not see under his feet the sink. This decision will visually expand the space, because the drain is in the wall, making it almost invisible. Such a decision every day is gaining popularity in many countries of the world, though it came to us just recently.

In this article we will talk about the peculiarities of installation of such products. The first thing you begin installation, determine the installation location of the shower tray, as well as its length. After a divorce pipe to the connector of the tray. As the shower tray is mounted in the wall, then there is need to hide the main part of the elements that left visible only the bars.

!!! Since the mounting wall, the slope of the floor, made only in one direction.


The installation will be performed in several stages:

  • For this you need to make a hole in the wall. We offer wall tray Wall series Line, the dimensions of the enclosure All – 14х30х6 see, Respectively, for its installation you need to make a hole in the wall the size of the housing.
  • Around the body is glued waterproofing membrane (included) to protect from leaks.
  • Then, using the mounting feet adjustable height for your desired level.
  • A housing with a siphon connected to the sewer. For the smooth connection of the siphon we offer a 360 degree model.
  • Further, the housing is mounted to the frame and the mounting brackets of the frame.
  • Set inside the shutter and mesh to collect hair and debris.
  • It remains to establish the grid. We offer two options grid 60 or 100 cm Length of the lattice can also be adjusted by trimming in special places. The final length should be not less than the length of the housing.
  • After trimming (if needed) on the bars on the sides of the wear plugs.


Next to clean the system from the hair You will need to remove grilles special hook (included) to get the mesh to collect debris and clean it.

Also one additional advantage of this model is a high capacity – 42 l/min. This means that when the correct slope of the floor, and the installation of the product Your feet will never stand in the water even with the most powerful shower head.

To summarize, if You are looking for modern, high-quality and reliable solution for installation of the drain in the shower, notice the TV wall mounting. Yes, the cost is a bit higher than regular shower stalls, but a completely different level of design, installation and quality.