External drain from a flat roof through the parapet funnel

In this article we'll talk about the arrangement of external drainage of flat roofs, balconies and terraces with parapet funnels.

Parapet funnel is a pipe for water drainage with a circular cross section DN 100 and apron for laying under the form of a parapet. It is made from polyethylene, guaranteeing resistance to temperature extremes and durability of the product.

The funnel may have several applications and variations, if you add to it an additional element.

Additionally, the funnel can be equipped with:

Below I will tell you that allows you to change each of these elements.

!!! To connect the funnel with the extension element is used a support ring, which serves as the adapter.

Funnels are widely used in construction, reconstruction of buildings and structures. Established on flat roofs of bituminous materials with drainage through the parapets and balconies. A funnel can be set as emergency drainage, since it allows you to arrange for a direct withdrawal on the area, allowing flooding.

4 advantages parapet funnels:

Security: Exterior drainage of the building.

Energy efficiency: Prevention of "cold bridges".

Reliability: Open lines — reduction of maintenance costs.

Performance: High throughput.

Before proceeding to the configuration of the funnel, let us consider another very important point. The funnel is often confused with the aerator in thinking that these words mean one and the same device, but it's not. On the application of the funnel and its functions we discussed above, now consider the aerator. It is also called "baffle", the "cap" or "fan" and for good reason. Because the aerator is needed for the output pair of the roof structure.

Now let's talk more about picking parapet funnel additional devices.

  • The first thing you may need is – lithological. The title is clear that it prevents the ingress pipe of leaves, debris and also splits the streams of water into smaller.
  • Parapet funnel is easily converted into an aerator by using a hat-cap. For this you need to turn the product pipe up and put a chimney cap. It will protect the product from ingress of precipitation. This aerator will prevent steam and moisture from the roofing.
  • Also, the parapet of the funnel can be used for roofs. For this it is necessary to fasten the extension element. It is a corrugated throat and a grid of stainless steel, inside is dry shutter. When using it always need an adapter support ring (it was mentioned above). A funnel in this case is mounted vertically, that is, the pipe to the base of the roof. This design will help to quickly drain precipitation from the roof.
  • If you use a household funnel with the horizontal ladder, You will get the same system as above, except that it is mounted (funnel) horizontally. The ramp, which connects to the funnel consists of: plastic siphon with flange stainless steel, stainless steel grating and dry the siphon. After mounting the ladder bars will be flush with the roof, which will allow you to quickly drain water from the roof surface.


Well, let's summarize! Roofing parapet vortex, despite its low cost, has a great functionality in properly selected equipment and installation. All components are in stock in our warehouse.