Construction of water gathering on the balconies and terraces

In order to extend the operating life of the floor covering on the terraces and open balconies, you should make a small drainage. After all, you don't want after a heavy rain the water was and eventually destroyed part of the floor with the tiles or other covering.

The solution to this problem is. Just need to purchase a ladder of conventional or double-hulled.

The ladder is mounted to the floor. The two-block ramp has a number of advantages:

  • has a bituminous membrane that provides additional waterproofing
  • the combined shutter (dry and wet), no extra smells
  • the grille is made of steel AISI 304
  • effectively removes water from the floor surface
  • resistant to mechanical damage and corrosion
  • throughput – high
  • reliability and long life

The grille protects the structure against penetration of leaves quarrel and debris. The outlet pipe 50mm and 100mm, is horizontal or vertical. Siphon swivel 360 degrees. The upper part consists of a bitumen membrane and flange stainless steel.

When mounting the upper part of the ladder is inserted into the hole that the installer pre-cut in the middle of a bituminous membrane. Conveniently, the ladder is adjustable height. Advantages are easy installation and affordable price.

You can also buy a regular ladder made of polypropylene with stainless grille. Shutter: hydro or dry. The outlet pipe 50 mm or 100 mm.

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