The arrangement of the plum in car washes

Over the past few years significantly increased the number of cars on the roads of the country. The need for car washes is growing every year. The inhabitants of large cities reduced the free time and not everyone has the opportunity to wash your car yourself. This service market is constantly evolving, and therefore new types of washes.

They can be divided into several types:

  • manual – where is the physical work of cleaners. While washing machines are used special tools, sponges and car shampoo. The washer immediately see contaminated sites and allocate them more time. The downside is the length.
  • auto – the car drives into the pipeline, the driver puts the transmission into neutral and the car slowly moves. All stages of washing are carried out almost simultaneously. This type of washing machine is quick and saves time. The car is washed in less than 10 minutes.
  • contactless – used active foam. Before its application, removes the most soiling from the pressure of the water jets. Under the influence of the foam removes any remaining contaminants. After you apply the Polish, which protects the body of the car.
  • dry – no water used cleaning method special shampoos. They include oil and silicone surfactants. This shampoo softens the dirt. Minus – no ability to clean hard to reach dirt. Therefore used in combination with other types of sinks.
  • self-service – the driver he washes his car. Before you call in on a specially equipped area where there is all for washing the car, the driver pays for the service in the ticket office or machine. After the payment starts a timer. Washing is performed in several stages: first with the machine and remove impurities from a special gun with the water pressure, then applied foam and a few minutes washed off, after optionally causes the protective layer of wax. Payment is for each stage, plus the need to make it on time, otherwise will have to pay.

All of these types of sinks have a drainage system, otherwise it would be a real flood. Before you plan a system to drain the water in car washes you need to know:

  • what are the dimensions of the room
  • the estimated amount of water used
  • the location of sewer, water and power

In addition to the water consumption of the special equipment for washing cars still need to calculate the water consumption for toilet, shower, sinks, plus lay estimates a reserve in cases of pressure drop of water.

Floor car-wash recommended to cover the tiles in order so that it is not rotten and has not collapsed from the large amount of water.

Drain indoors is where there will be a car to keep water from dripping in. Plums come in a small cavity.

If you have a small drainage, you might consider ladders with grating 150 mm x 150 mm, vertical or horizontal outlet pipe DN 100. Capacity – 1 l/s. you choose to take iron bars for loads up to 1.5 tonnes or up to 300 kg. stainless steel Grid is used as additional protection of the ladder. The housing ladder is made from polypropylene high strength. Withstands temperatures up to 100ºC.

The advantages of such traps:

  • light weight
  • the choice of the grating depending on load class and application
  • easy installation
  • affordable price


Contact us and we will help You choose the perfect traps for drainage systems of car wash.