The withdrawal of water from the balconies, terraces and roofs

In this article I will be talking about diverting water from these areas of the room as open balconies, terraces, roofs. Place drainage can be ground open terrace next to the building on the ground or on the roof: a country house, restaurant, hotel, sports facilities, shopping center, office. Such premises are increasingly gaining popularity and are not just architectural objects, but also a great place to build a recreation area, watch beautiful sunsets and sunrises. The only thing that can break all of this idyll is the snow, rain and other precipitation.

It is therefore very important to take care of the diversion of precipitation from these areas. Why you need to take precipitation?

First- it is inconvenient and not aesthetically pleasing.

Secondly it ruins the flooring of the area.

To avoid all these negative consequences will only need to set – linear tray (trap) for receiving and draining water. We offer a special series of shower channels for installation on balconies, terraces.

They have an optimal length: 60, 100, 200 and 300 cm, which are suitable for rooms of any size. Also these models can be linked together, if the living space is very large. Or, on the contrary, if the area is less than the length of the model you like, the product can be cut. Then to remove the burrs and dress the sides of the mounting stub.

Which grade data trays? Polypropylene body, stainless steel grate, siphon 360 degrees S-shaped, mesh to collect debris, waterproofing tape. The lattice can be of two types: linear (consists of three vertical "plates" between which there are two holes to collect water) or linear with dotted bars.

What are the features of the installation of shower trays?

Often they are placed at the edges of the room. In order to keep the water quickly fell into drainage gutter, you need to make the slope of the floor of 2-5% in the direction of the drainage device. A very important point in installation is waterproofing. It must be done securely so that moisture does not penetrate through the coating to the roof, a terrace or a balcony.

Drainage trays that we offer have a capacity of 42 l/min, which guarantees instant removal of water even in a downpour.

To summarize: to equip a summer terrace or a balcony with a place to stay is not difficult if properly approach the issue of discharge of the precipitation of rainwater and meltwater.