Ladders for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries

Before you cover the topic of drainage system at industrial enterprises, should understand the features of the work, requirements and the specifics in these facilities.

Compared to other industries, namely chemical has a high complexity of organization of production. It creates new effective materials for construction and industry, provides mineral fertilizers and agriculture. This industry is a complex industry structure that includes: manufacture of alkalis, acids, salts, mineral fertilizers is the main part of the work, also the chemistry of organic synthesis, production of polymers and processing of materials from polymers (for example: produce tires and plastics) and the extraction of raw materials – rock salt, sulfur, phosphites and other chemical constituents. Also produced substances for the chemical water purification, soil restoration, plant protection. At the same time, the chemical industry is among the most "dirty" sectors, which impacts the environment.

The pharmaceutical industry is a wide industry that is engaged in the production of synthetic and natural drugs, as well as components for food and cosmetics. Pharmaceutical products are constantly being improved and in high demand.

The food industry includes enterprises that produce raw materials and products to meet the nutritional needs of the population. This industry is very connected with agriculture. Raw materials, which is part of this sector, divided into two groups. In the first group of industries that use raw materials: cereals, sugar, tinned food, butter, fish. The second group is composed of industries using raw material which passed processing: bakery, pasta, confectionery, tea-packing.

These industries have very stringent hygiene standards. Of their enforcement depends the safety and quality of products.

In these areas industries present aggressive environment. Therefore, drainage systems require ladders made of suitable material, which is stainless steel AISI 304. It is resistant to aggressive environment.

The use of such material is possible in hot and cold water, oxidizing agents, oils.

We offer stainless steel water traps, since they meet the requirements and needs in these industries:

  • made of AISI 304 stainless steel (with low carbon content)
  • have a throughput of 25 l/s
  • resistant to mechanical damage, acid and alkaline environments
  • corrosion-resistant
  • have a dry stopper stainless steel

withstand high temperature (short-term temperature increase to 900ºС)

There are different sizes of these ladders:

  • grille х10см 10cm, 15cm x 15cm, 20cm х20см;
  • vertical output (used in all types of drainage, but installing it required a large depth) or horizontal (allows drainage pipe at a large distance from the ladder and does not require additional connecting elements and establish where the depth of the pipes), connection to pipe DN 50-100 mm.


To such industries as food, pharmaceutical and chemical high demands on process reliability and hygienic standards. Ladders in AISI 304 stainless steel meet the requirements and needs in these areas of production because it is resistant to aggressive environments.