Choose industrial ladders. General guidelines

Industrial ladders effectively solve the problem of collection and drainage of wastewater in the food industry (Breweries, bakeries and canning plants, dairies, etc.), catering establishments (kitchens in bars, restaurants, cafeterias, etc.), chemical, pharmaceutical plants and any other industries with high sanitary requirements.

The choice of a particular model of ladder is not difficult, if the advance is thought out project. If this is not thought out in advance, Assembly organizations choose ladders on many parameters that are appropriate for this space: height, connection to a pipe, bandwidth, anti-etc.

I want to give You some advice on the choice of a particular ladder type. Below are 4 main points through which You will be able to make the right choice and remain happy with the result.

Choose a suitable model of the ladder depending on the floor construction: single-hulled or double-hulled; round or square grille.

Ladders can be without adjustment or with adjustment of the upper part.



Monohull without height adjustment


  • easy to install
  • areas where the tightness does not depend on the ladder

Double-hulled ladders with adjustable height.


  • when in the initial stages not indicated the level of the floor
  • floors in which the waterproofing will not connect to the ladder


To determine the location, size, orientation and depth of the bottom. This will depend on the output of the ladder

Vertical output

ᴓ75, 110, 160, 210 for ladders model QP

ᴓ 50, 75, 110 mm for ladders prosumer series QS and the Mini QM


Horizontal output
ᴓ75, 110, 160, 210 for ladders model QP

ᴓ 50, 75, 110 mm for ladders prosumer series QSи the Mini QM


Bandwidth is one of the important criteria. Actual throughput depends on several parameters: the size and the height of the ladder, the height of the upper part, the presence of waste bins


The model parameters

Throughput l/h





QP professional

the waste bin with a volume of 0.3 l and 0.4 l

Grille 200x200; 250х250мм Vertical exit 75, 110mm
Horizontal 110mm outlet



Grille 300x300mm
Vertical outlet 110mm
Horizontal 110mm outlet




Grille 400х400мм
Vertical outlet 200mm
Horizontal output 200mm



QS semi-professional
waste bins small

Grille 200x200; 300x300; 400х400мм
Vertical outlet 110mm
Horizontal 110mm outlet


QM mini

Grating 150x150; 200x200mm
Vertical outlet 110mm
Horizontal 110mm outlet



The grating selection depends on several conditions: load, slip resistance, hygienic properties.

Industrial ladders grid were tested and were classified in accordance with European standard EN1253.
There are the following classes of load:
Load class K3 (3кН) – up to 200 kg. For areas without traffic (showers, hotels, schools, malls, etc.). Roof, terraces, swimming pools and kitchens.

Load class L15 (15кН) – up to 1000 kg. For areas with traffic of light vehicles. Workshops, laboratory, warehouses.

The load class M125 (125кН) – up to 8333 kg. Areas with normal or intensive traffic. Kitchen, fridge, a butcher shop.

Resistance to sliding. Slip in the kitchen and food production can cause quite serious accidents. So you need to pick up drainage systems, namely, grids with high resistance to slip.

Slip resistance is designated by the letter R. the Ladders, lattice or honeycomb structure has a high coefficient of friction that will fit perfectly on any production where medium or heavy traffic.

As you can see, to choose industrial ladders quite easy. The present invention not only has a lot of advantages, and also performs an important function in an industrial enterprise.