Accessories for bathrooms, hotels

The pledge of the hotel of any level – the customer's comfort. This "shout" at each corner: interior, clean, crisp white bedding quality bath tub and so on. But all of this comfort is worth a lot of factors and one of them, zato correct selection of accessories.

The mandatory components for bathrooms and shower rooms of the hotels are:

  • Holders for paper
  • Soap dish
  • Mirror (regular and cosmetic)
  • Shelves next to mirror (optional)
  • Glasses for toothbrushes
  • Brushes for the toilet
  • Shelves or hooks for towels
  • Bins


How do they pick up? And what to look for when choosing accessories? Let's try to understand this easy, but important question.

Holders of paper – you can choose simple wall-mounted holders with hook-shaped form or a little better model with a lid. They are more hygienic. If the budget allows, you can select outdoor stands. These models are 2in1 and include toilet brush holder and paper.

Soap dishes – often need two. One near the sink, second shower area. Near the sink to take the soap dish wall type. In the shower it is better to take a bar of soap, a lattice-type, it is more practical, as the water and soap solution does not stagnate in the soap dish.

Mirror – well here all is clear, if the budget allows and to raise the level of the hotel adjacent to the main mirror set make up mirror. This is an excellent tool for applying cosmetics for women or shaving for men. The mirror can be normal or backlit.

Shelf – often choose glass shelves wall mount, they are inexpensive, compact and stylish. And since customers stay for a few days, a big shelf did not need them.

The toothbrush is such an important subject, but agree that even if a person stayed for one night, it is nice to feel the comforts of home. The holder is usually performed in the form of a Cup holder.


If You do not want to bother selecting for all the above mentioned accessories, and worry that they blend with each other, or was made in the same style, notice the accessories set 5 1. It includes: mirror, shelf, holders for paper towels, dish soap and a toothbrush.


Brushes – as mentioned above, it is possible to choose a stand 2in1, or ordinary model. It can be wall-mounted or outdoor. It is better to choose a floor, it is more convenient when cleaning.

Shelves or hooks for towels – the need for them is clear. If the choice in favor of hooks, it is best to choose 4 or 5to be able to hang not only towels but also things. Hooks at the cost cheaper than the shelf. But the shelves look much more presentable and more stylish. And besides, can be put on top of folded towels, and the bottom line holder shelf to hang wet used towel.

Trash – for hotels perfect buckets 3 or 5 yrs. the Model can be with lid and pedal, with rim, without cap or with a swivel lid. They allow contactless to throw garbage.


When choosing accessories, pay attention to the material from which they are produced. Plastic accessories will make even the most refined interior. Give preference to stainless steel accessories. Yes, they are expensive, but the lifespan of them a lot more, they are resistant to household chemicals, mechanical damage. After all, the entire experience can ruin oblessa oblasti soap dish or towel holder.