What is better hand dryer or paper towels

Often, owners of restaurants, cafes, catering, shopping center and other public places for construction of washrooms are faced with more questions about his accomplishment. One of those questions "What to install: a hand dryer or a dispenser for paper towels?". In this article I will try to clarify this question. For this we need to compare them by important criteria.

The rush hour in the restaurants and café is a lunch time or evening, in eating places almost constantly, in the Mall this evening and weekend. It was at this time in the bathrooms as many people. And the main challenge will be the lack of queues. Here the conclusion is that one or two dryers will not solve the issue, so as to use it can only be one person, and the rest will have to wait. Here are certainly benefit the dispensers with paper towels, but they must be timely to fill. So you need to choose a model with a capacity of 400 sheets. Even if we assume that one person will take 5 sheets, 400 PCs enough for 80 people. And if you install more than one dispenser, the problem of the queue itself is solved.

Functionality – dryers perform one function – for drying hands by air jet. Dispensers with paper towels is more functional. After all, they can wipe not only the hands but also the face and fix my makeup or to freshen up in the intense heat.

Peace and quiet – the bathroom should not be strong noise, it's not very nice to sit in the restaurant and hear the noise of hand dryers. And some of them can emit sound up to 90 dB. For human comfortable level of sound not higher than 40 dB. For example, the rustle of leaves 15 dB, typewriter 50 dB, a motorcycle with a muffler - 80 dB. To dry hands dry, you need 40 seconds. Not all will be able to wait, and damp hands spread bacteria 1000 times faster. Here again the advantage dispensers with paper towels.

Savings – the payback period of the dryer is considerable, and if more than one, it will be delayed. But it seems more profitable, because when they pay off the costs of their use is minimal (only electricity). The dispensers have a small cost but the ongoing cost of consumables (paper towels) is constant. But here we must consider not the amount of money spent, and the comfort of customers, their impression and pleasure.

The level of hygiene on the surface of the dryer accumulates a lot of bacteria, which is not very hygienic, especially important for push button dryers. And when using the dispenser with a sheet of paper to get a demon contact with its surface.

Sustainability – dryers use electricity, but they emitted carbon dioxide harmful to the environment. As for paper towels, after use of constantly having to dispose of waste that requires disposal (incineration). And, of course, for their production spend of natural resources.

We have in stock, dispenser capacity 400 paper towels. This volume is suitable for places with high traffic of people. Dispensers made of stainless steel AISI 304. Due to this, they are resistant to household chemicals and mechanical damage.

The result is this: making a choice in favor of dryers or dispensers with paper towels, consider not only the financial side, but the customers comfort and your image.