What is a toilet installation?

New trends and developments in the plumbing industry offer to make repairs in the bathroom not only beautiful, but also more compact. Such devices include a toilet with an installation. The special design allows you to save space and looks much more modern than the usual toilets. Today we will tell you what such a design is and what are its differences from the usual toilet bowls.

What are the features of the toilet installation

The main feature of the installation is a special installation, in which the entire structure is attached behind a metal frame close to the walls or completely installed in the wall plane itself. Only the toilet itself and the decorative button for flushing the water remain visible. This feature allows you to save space in the toilet, which is especially important for old-style buildings with a small area of plumbing units. Also, due to its compactness, such constructions are widely in demand in designer interiors. They allow you to experiment with the bathroom space and change the location of communications.

A big plus of the toilet installation is the visual expansion of the space, which with such a system looks completely different than with conventional plumbing. The installation helps to hide pipes and communications, make the bathroom neater and more ergonomic. The strength of the metal frame structure ensures reliable fastening of plumbing fixtures, even of large sizes, without the risk of collapse.

Most installation systems are equipped with a silent drain. In practice, this allows you to increase the comfort of use and get rid of noise, which is especially important when the bathroom is next to, for example, the kitchen.

How does the installation differ from a regular toilet

  • The system can withstand heavy loads — 400-450 kg, which means that it allows people with a large weight to use the installation freely.
  • You can mount the installation in any convenient place, it is suitable for installation in drywall and model structures.
  • The suspended design of the toilet bowl makes cleaning the bathroom much easier. The pipe goes into the wall, and an open space remains on the floor, which can be easily washed with a rag, or even by running a cleaning robot.
  • Almost any toilet can be mounted in a suspended system. Fasteners are made according to standards, which means that the choice will not be limited to several models. Choose any size and shape to your taste.
  • The appearance, when the tank and pipes are hidden in the wall, is ideal for modern design repairs. The installation is widely used for installation in apartments and houses, entertainment facilities, modern hotels.


To sum up: the installation of the structure is quite complicated, since you need to carefully plan all the nuances. After installation, it will take much longer and more expensive to fix some unaccounted details than when installing a conventional toilet without installation.

What kind of installations are there

Installations are divided into block and frame installations. The first option is designed for installation to capital walls, and the structure is mounted using anchor bolts. The frame structure will be required for mounting to non-capital walls and partitions. The main load falls on the frame and legs of the structure, which makes it stable, reliable and durable. Experts recommend leaving a hatch or window on the installation, which will provide access to communications in case of technical problems.