Toilet paper dispenser: plastic or stainless steel

Special toilet paper dispensers — they are also dispensers - are devices that are attached to the wall near the toilet and serve to store and save toilet paper. Such bathroom accessories are widely used in public places and private houses or apartments. Today we will talk about which is better to choose a dispenser in one case or another.

Plastic dispensers

Plastic toilet paper dispensers are an economical version of a dispenser that is suitable for home use. The housing of such accessories is made of impact-resistant ABS plastic. For the most part, dispensers are of a closed type. This means that the roll is in a closed box, which means that the use of paper is much more hygienic than in an open type of dispensers.

Plastic dispensers come in different sizes:  240x210x120 mm, 260x235x130 mm, 250x250x160 mm. Mini dispensers are convenient to use for a small family, while large ones are suitable even for installation in public areas with a large traffic of people.

The main difference between plastic dispensers and steel dispensers is less strength and durability. Accordingly, such a dispenser is quite enough for home use, but for a large institution, it is still worth buying a steel dispenser — it will last longer.

Steel dispensers

Good quality steel accessories are made of chrome-plated AISI 430 stainless steel or similar alloys. The material is resistant to corrosion, oxidation, mechanical damage. This accessory is designed for a long service life.

In addition to strength, steel dispensers differ in design: steel looks better than plastic, is well suited for modern bathroom interiors in an apartment, house, hotels, entertainment centers, restaurants, etc. Agree: spoiling a beautiful interior with a plastic dispenser will not be too reasonable.

Steel can be treated with any disinfectant compounds - therefore, chrome toilet paper dispensers are suitable for use in hospitals, hospitals and polyclinics. It is much easier to treat this thing of public use with disinfection, but plastic can sometimes suffer from the effects of aggressive household chemicals and alcohol-containing compounds.

Summing up, let's say: when buying a plastic dispenser, it is worth understanding that its strength and durability are less than that of a steel device. However, in terms of functionality, steel and plastic dispensers are almost the same. Choose the option that you like best.