Dispensers for liquid soap and antiseptic: what are the

In the modern world, functional dispensers for liquid soap and antiseptic are a strict necessity, without which no public place can do. Bathrooms of hotels, restaurants, crowded places in shopping malls, cinemas, train stations, hospitals and hospitals — all such establishments should be equipped with hygienic dosing accessories that comply with all sanitary standards. Dispensers and dispensers are considered to be one of such practical in operation, and it is about them that we will talk.

What are the dispensers

First of all, dispensers are made of two materials - plastic and stainless steel 304. Plastic options are cheaper, have proven themselves well in household use, since plastic is not sensitive to moisture, resistant to chemical influences, does not oxidize and is not subject to erosion. Stainless steel dispensers are a more expensive accessory, but the cost is justified by a number of advantages compared to plastic.
First of all, stainless steel is not fragile and is not afraid of mechanical damage. Plastic can simply break when falling to the floor. Secondly, stainless steel coated with chrome (namely, such dispensers are presented on the website) will last for several decades, since it is insensitive neither to moisture nor to chemical reagents. We use alloy 304, which is characterized by increased corrosion resistance — which means that the dispensary will not rust, stains, plaque and traces of oxidation will not appear. Another advantage of such accessories is a stylish appearance that corresponds to modern trends in the design of bathrooms and bathrooms.

According to the method of installation, dispensers can be divided into wall and desktop. The first ones, respectively, have a number of mounting holes and are easily installed on the wall near the washbasin or in any other necessary place. Table dispensers are designed for use in any convenient place, for example, at the hotel reception, at the front door to the store, on the table in a restaurant or cafe. An antiseptic disinfectant is poured into such a dispenser and placed where there is a need to do hygienic hand treatment. By the way, many desktop dispensers are equipped with a number of holes for wall mounting, so they can be called universal.


According to the mechanism, dispensers are divided into standard and elbow dispensers. Standard dispensers assume a direct hand touch to the dosage button, but the elbow ones allow you not to touch the dispenser with your hands, and press the button with your elbow. This feature is extremely useful in public places — hospitals, hospitals, polyclinics, train stations and any other public place. The hygiene of such dispensers is much higher, since there is no need to touch the dispenser button with your hands.

There is another interesting category of dispensers - with a foaming function. Such accessories are convenient for use in private baths and showers, because when you press the button, the dispenser will not give out liquid soap, but already a foamed substance.

Advantages of soap dispensers and disinfectant

  • Economy. The dispenser gives out a fixed portion of soap or antiseptic, which allows you to use the product more economically.
  • Hygiene. A favorable environment for the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms does not form on the surface of stainless steel and plastic, the materials are easily disinfected with standard alcohol-containing substances. In addition, elbow dispensers assume the most hygienic process of use, when you do not even need to touch the dispenser with your hands.
  • Stylish design. Modern appearance allows you to choose a beautiful accessory for any interior design — in a house, hotel or entertainment center.
  • Durability. The materials used have proven themselves to be durable, reliable, resistant to moisture and aggressive environment, which significantly increases the service life of the dispensers.