How to choose the right toilet seat: simple tips

It would seem that a toilet seat is a fairly simple and unpretentious thing. However, the wrong choice can be fraught not only with problems during operation, but also with damage to the toilet itself, which costs a lot of money. Poor-quality materials, ill-conceived fittings and configuration — all these things can harm fine enamel and ceramic material, as well as turn the process of cleaning and washing plumbing into a real test of strength. Therefore, a couple of simple tips on choosing a comfortable and functional seat will be useful for those who .


Perhaps this is the main criterion for choosing a toilet seat. We will not focus on plastic seats with foam, and even more so wooden chairs, which are completely inapplicable in modern bathrooms. Fortunately, the modern market offers a lot of innovative, practical, functional materials.

The main materials for production now are two materials-duroplast and plastic derivatives-polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, etc. Plastic is an inexpensive and functional material that is light in weight, easy to install, easy to operate and maintain. Such seats do not lose their whiteness, do not turn yellow over time. This is the best option for a budget seat for a home bathroom.

Duroplast, in turn, is a material from the luxury segment, in appearance and tactile resembles ceramics. It is durable, is not afraid of aggressive chemicals, is durable and resistant to mechanical rooms.

Duroplast seats are well suited for public places with a large traffic of people, as they withstand heavy loads and are easily disinfected with aggressive chemicals.



Installation and mounting

The optimal variant of the fastening material is metal, since it is it that has resistance to aggressive factors and mechanical influences. Fasteners can be standard or quick-release. The second option is called Quick Release and allows you to quickly remove the cleaning seat and also easily and quickly install it in its proper place. The removal process takes place literally in one or two clicks.

An additional function is a microlift, which allows you to close the lid smoothly, without the user's participation. Do not take this function as an unnecessary attribute, because in addition to the silent closing, the smooth running of the lid guarantees the integrity of the toilet itself, preserves the enamel from microcracks and other damage caused by shock loads.

You can buy a seat with a microlift for closing, you can provide a toilet with a system that will open the lid when a person enters the bathroom. This function is especially good in the matter of hygiene: the less touching even to the home toilet, the better. Families with children appreciate this function, since it is quite difficult to keep track of the kids who are just "transplanted" from the pot to the adult toilet. And having in the arsenal the function of automatic opening/closing of the lid, a visit to the bathroom by a child will be many times more hygienic.



Antibacterial coatings

Another extremely useful feature in terms of hygiene is the addition of silver ions to the seat material. Yes, this characteristic is inherent only in expensive seats, but it justifies the investment one hundred percent. The principle is that pathogenic bacteria are not able to multiply on such a surface, which means that the toilet will become ten times more hygienic. Such covers do not require special care, chlorination or other aggressive treatment. It is enough to do hygienic cleaning with a simple soap solution.