How to choose a child toilet seat

Kids tend to copy the behavior of adults, which is why there is often a situation when only after learning how to use a pot, the baby tries to move to a large full-fledged toilet as quickly as possible. Psychologists say that this is one of the manifestations of the mental propensity of children to "adulthood"‎. Therefore, if your baby shows an active desire to go to the bathroom in the same way as mom and dad do, you should not interfere. But in order for the process to be hygienic and convenient, it is worth thinking about the appropriate accessories. In particular, about the purchase of a high-quality and functional child seat for the toilet.

What to pay attention to

Naturally, the modern market offers a lot of options for this product. However, not all deserve attention and are suitable for full-fledged operation. In order not to spend money and not to look for a seat for a baby for a long time, it is worth paying attention to such factors:


  1. Material. It would be a mistake to believe that a soft seat is the highest priority. Models made of plastic or plywood covered with foam are not the best option in terms of hygiene. In addition, the foam rubber quickly wears out, breaks and pushes through. And if there are still pets in the house — you should forget about such seats forever. Preferred versions of seats made of thermoplastic-resistant to mechanical influences and at the same time smooth material.

    Pay attention: thermoplastics are not slippery, and your baby will not feel discomfort, at the same time, this type of plastic is quite smooth. In addition, the care of products made of thermoplastics is quite simple. The material is not afraid of aggressive chemicals, disinfectants, but it is also perfectly washed with simple water and soap. Separately, it is worth noting the resistance to mechanical damage — it is quite difficult to scratch the thermoplastics.
  2. The rigidity of the structure. Too soft child seats fail quite quickly, as they are pushed through by the weight of the child. Give preference to rigid or medium-rigid seats.
  3. Hygiene - the presence of an antibacterial coating or silver ions in the material. These features will allow you not to worry about the hygiene of going to the toilet, because the material itself will exclude the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria. We agree that such products are not cheap, but the hygienic condition of toilet accessories is not the last question in choosing this accessory.

  4. The presence of the microlift function. An extremely useful thing if the child is not inclined to carefully use household items. The microlift function automatically closes the lid after using the toilet, which means that the impact load on fragile ceramics is reduced tenfold. Thus, it is possible to avoid the appearance of microcracks on the ceramic plane, and thereby extend the service life of the toilet bowl.
  5. The possibility of quick withdrawal. The so-called Quick Release, that is, the ability to quickly remove the lid for washing and other hygiene procedures — is something that parents will appreciate in the process of cleaning the toilet. Covers equipped with such a function do not need to be unscrewed and mounted back for a long time. Pressing a few buttons helps to quickly remove the seat, wash it, and put it back in place with the same ease.
  6. Size. Many modern toilet seats, in particular children's models, are equipped with special eccentrics. In practice, this means that the seat is universally suitable for any configuration of the toilet, it can be pushed forward or pushed into its original position. However, before buying, it is still recommended to make measurements of your own toilet bowl in order to be completely sure of the right choice.