How to choose and at what height to mount handrails

For the comfortable stay of older people, people after surgery, with disabilities and disorders of the musculoskeletal apparatus, in bathrooms and shower rooms installed special-rail support.

If a couple of years ago they equipped hospitals, now they are installed in almost all public places. For example: gas stations, schools, shopping center, airports, restaurants, hotels. To date, the handrails also bought for installation in apartments and houses. Despite the popularity of the installation of these products often is the question "How to choose the rails?", and "At what height to install grab bars for bathrooms". In this article I will answer these questions.

For those readers that only the first time faced with this question, in a nutshell will tell you "why they are needed and what are".

Handrails make life easier and help to take care of herself, take care of themselves, to carry out hygienic procedures. High quality and durable products are made exclusively from stainless steel.

Varieties of grab bars: (relink)

In shower areas, barrier-type set wall-mounted seat for bathing. They need to ensure that people who can hardly stand on his feet, could sit and shower without assistance.

Well, proceed to the selection and mounting height.

For installation in bathrooms near the toilet using the grab bars l-shaped type, a folding wall or folding floor stand. The main rule is that a man in a wheelchair could easily access the house. If the toilet seat has two sides place, then you can set each side handrails, hinged floor or wall. As they can be translated in a vertical position, they practically do not take place. Mount both have at a distance of 10-20 cm from the toilet. And the height of installation wall-mounted folding grab bars 75-85 cm from the floor.

If one side of the bowl near the wall, then side wall, install l-shaped grab rail or direct (horizontally). And on the other hand hinged. Straight rails need to take a minimum length of 40 cm And set them with a space 20 cm from the wall, at a height of 70-75 cm

Grab bars near the sink also needed for support, because to rely on the sink itself unsafe! There are special rails for wash basins. They are made in the form of fencing around it. Thus provide a reliable Foundation and do not block the entrance or approach to the sink. This model of the handrail attached to the wall and to the floor, so the height won't need to choose. The only thing necessary for the fool is to compare the width and depth of the washbasin and handrail. To avoid the situation that the handrail is less than the wash basin, or a lot more of it.

If the basin be near the wall and installing this type of handrail is not possible, then on the wall horizontally set straight handrail with a length of 40-60 cm at the height of 70-95 cm (depending on the height of the sink) offset from the wall about 20 cm And the other side l-shaped handrail at a distance of 10-15 cm from the sink.

Often the shower area for people equip barrier-free type. This is convenient because it is on the same level with the floor in contrast to a shower enclosure. In this case, it is necessary to take care only of non-slip tile, or in the extreme case on rubber mats. It is important to choose the right handrails in the shower area. Whatever layout in this area is strictly not installing handrails, hinged floor and l-shaped. Be sure to install the seat for bathing.
After all, sitting down to shower is much easier than standing. The installation height is 45-60 cm depending on growth. If it's a public shower, for example, in the hospital, and today it enjoys a growth of 156 cm, and tomorrow is 180 cm then the height is better to choose the average. Near the seat side of the wall install a handrail L-type or direct. L-type handrail installed at a height of 70-75 cm And a direct rail set vertically at a height of 85 cm the length of the handrail 60 cm on the other side near the seat you can install a folding wall-mounted handrail. Installation height at the same 70-75, see Installing handrails on two sides helps to rise to the upright position without assistance.

I shared with You all of the recommendations that you should consider when installing and choosing grab bars for toilets and showers.