How to choose a toilet lid: simple tips to help

The modern market offers a lot of attributes and devices for the bathroom. Sometimes the buyer is lost in a wide range and simply can not figure out what kind of toilet cover he needs in a particular case. Read a selection of simple tips on how to choose the right seat with a lid and not lose.




When choosing a lid and a toilet seat, first of all pay attention to the material from which the product is made. We will not focus on wooden and plastic seats with foam, since in modern conditions they have not been priority options for a long time. The simple soft seats were replaced by more practical options — thermoplastics and duroplast.

The first option is cheaper, it is more practical in maintenance and operation. Such sets of covers with a seat are practical, do not turn yellow over time, are easy to clean with ordinary soap solutions. Please note that thermoplastic products "do not like" aggressive chemical compositions, so it is recommended to do hygienic cleaning more often, using simple household chemicals.

Duroplast is a more expensive material that is characterized by strength, resistance to mechanical damage, scratches and bumps. Duroplast looks more expensive, and, due to its physical properties, it is suitable for the manufacture of heated seats. A wide range of colors allows you to choose products for every taste, suitable for the most refined interiors.

Special attention should be paid to the material of the fasteners: ideally, they should be metal. The metal is more durable and resistant to wear, which means that the use of such a lid and seat will be much longer.


When choosing a toilet lid, consider buying a lid with a microlift. This is a simple door closer that will allow you to automatically lower the lid, do it smoothly, without impact and clap. Many devices are equipped with a function when the lid is lifted automatically, as soon as a person enters the bathroom. Such devices allow not only to simplify the operation process and improve hygiene, but also to extend the service life of the toilet itself. Since the lid is lowered smoothly, there is no shock load, which helps to avoid the appearance of microcracks on the ceramic enamel.




It is, of course, worth considering in advance the purpose of the lid. Do you choose it for a house, an apartment, or perhaps for a bathroom that is used by a large number of children, for example, in the garden or at school? In this case, it is worth considering special covers with seats designed specifically for use by young children. Such covers are usually equipped with ears, which allows children not to touch the details once again.

Additional attributes

Modern seats with covers are often equipped with many, if I may say so, additional "functions". For example, many models are coated with silver ions. This "trick" allows you to avoid the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria, increases hygiene, makes the care process simple and easy, without the use of strong disinfectants. It can be useful, for example, when you do not tolerate the smell of aggressive chemicals or have allergic reactions to chlorine. To wash the seat with a lid that have a coating of silver ions, it is enough to use simple soapy water.


To select the cover, you need to measure the distance between the mounting holes, and specifically-between their centers. Also, take measurements of width and length from edge to edge. Many modern covers have an eccentric that allows you to push the seat or, on the contrary, push it deeper, so this model will help not to lose the size.