At what height to hang hooks in the bathroom

Such a banal question as the height of the hooks in the bathroom can sometimes cause confusion. However, in practice, the height of the hooks plays an important role in the convenience of using objects, and it should be calculated wisely, depending on the height of those who live in the apartment. In addition, the level at which the hooks are placed should be chosen depending on what specific items you plan to place on the hanger. For example, it is not advisable to place the holder where the foot towel will hang at the level of the face. Let's try to figure out exactly how best to arrange the hooks in the bathroom in such a way that it is convenient for all family members.

Towel Holders

It is considered optimal to place the holder at a height equal to two-thirds of human height. Accordingly, all hooks that will serve for face and body towels should be hung approximately at a height of 1 m 20 cm from the floor. In this case, it will be convenient to remove them, and the towel itself will not touch the floor.

For example, our stainless steel wall towel holder with 2, 3 or 5 hooks is most convenient to place at this level. If there are small children in the house, it is better to hang a similar holder for baby towels at a height of 1 m from the floor.

The same height level is also convenient for linear holders. Such hangers are an ordinary stainless steel rod on which you can not only store a towel, but also dry it from moisture, or use it as a dryer for other wet things. A height of 1 m 20 cm is enough so that the fabric does not touch the floor and dries out in an even state.

Round towel holders are convenient to use for specific needs: hang a foot towel on it or, for example, a towel with which you wipe the dog's paws after a walk. It is better to place such holders lower: 80-90 cm will be quite enough.

Holders for dressing gowns and clothes

The length of an adult's robe requires a larger area, which means that it is better to hang hooks for robes and clothes at a level from 1 m 40 cm to 1 m 60 cm. For dressing gowns, you can use similar stainless steel holders with hooks or buy a separate hanger hook.

Hooks for washcloths

Another functional product is hooks for washcloths and other similar accessories, it is most convenient to place at a height of 1 m 30 cm, so that you can easily reach the desired object without getting out of the bathroom.