Arrangement of bathroom accessories in public areas

In this article we'll talk about the arrangement of public toilets necessary accessories. Quality accessories is the key to longevity and user convenience. It would seem that it's the little things, but in 2017 the company Bradley Corporation conducted a study. Though it was conducted in the US and with their customers, but the relevance for our market too.

They conducted a survey of over 1000 citizens from 18 years, of which 49% men and 51% women. The result of the survey showed the influence of the quality of the bathroom (cleanliness, arrangement of the necessary accessories and hygiene) on the economic efficiency of the business. Well, if simple words, people prefer to shop in the Mall, hypermarkets and other stores where the bathroom is properly equipped with all necessary equipment and hygiene products.

So for decorating the bathroom, You will need bins, brushes, dispensers for liquid or foam soap, paper towels, paper plates on the toilet.
Let's start in order and discuss each accessory separately.

Bins – how in the area of hand washing and the toilets should be no less than 30L. Better to pay attention to stainless steel models, they look more solid, stable due to the weight of steel, not afraid of mechanical damage. Configuration model should be: with pedal or with a swivel lid. This allows you to "hide" the debris from the eye, more aesthetically pleasing and allows you to throw it away without contact.

Brushes – as is the bathroom with large human traffic, it is better to not get underfoot, so take wall model. It will not fall and it is convenient to use. The model that we propose - KF.15 , made of stainless steel and will perfectly fit into the interior. Also, this brush will not interfere with the cleaning.

Dispenser for soap or foam – visually they do not differ. But in the dispenser for foam installed special mechanism that mixes the soap and air, generating the foam. Accordingly, the soap spent less, because it is mixed with air. But in his hands it looks the opposite. Do you think that he used more soap, but in fact is the opposite. Accordingly, the foam is just financially more economical than soap. Here already the choice is yours.
The volume of such pipettes 500 or 1000 ml. When choosing, again, we must start from the volume of visitors and how frequently Your staff can refill. For example: in a dispenser 500 ml - 420 "servings" of soap. They are made of stainless steel, and on the reverse side there is a sealing gum. This means that the visitors will not damage Your tile, press on the pump dispenser.

Dispenser for paper is better to take model for Jumbo rolls. After all, always be on duty to replace them simply there is nobody. Preference is better to give models of steel, they should be lockable.

Dispenser for paper towels – here also it is better to take models from steel rather than brittle plastic. It needs to lock and a key, so easy to refill towels and keep track of their balance. The volume should be not less than 400 PCs. even If you estimate that each will get 5 sheets, filled the dispenser with enough for 80 users.

And the last accessory – the dispenser of coatings for toilet – set on the wall in the booth. Therefore, it needs to have a compact size so as not to take up the already small space. Better to choose a more closed model in order to cover did not get bacteria and dirt. Here in principle it is possible to install both plastic and stainless steel model. But if the bin and the brush of steel, the dispenser coating must also comply with the General concept.

Hope You learned new information and will be able to find quality accessories for toilets and public areas.