The arrangement of playgrounds for people with disabilities

Residential buildings, shopping centers, restaurants and cafes, sports training complexes and other public places should be accessible to all comers. Introduced not so long ago a new building norms DBN V. 2.2-40:2018 "Inclusivist Budivel I sporud. Osnovni position", which came into force on April 1, 2019, regarding the necessity of creating a barrier-free environment for people with limited mobility, are binding on all architects, designers and builders. DBN added at about 100 qualitative changes for the safety and comfort of the people, first and foremost, people with disabilities and violations of the musculoskeletal device, sight, hearing and other disabled groups - the elderly, parents with young children and pregnant women.

According to the world health organization disability in Ukraine are about 10% of the total population of the country. 80% of these people are healthy and active. However, the implementation of their rights and freedoms until, until you create real accessibility in public institutions, residential buildings, streets, transport and other infrastructure. To date, 95% of ramps has a wrong, tactile tiles, lifting platforms and handrails for people with disabilities almost never installed. What is tactile coating and the elements of accessibility for people with limited mobility, most people do not even know. With the new rules, it is possible, finally, to correct this situation in a better way and to adapt the infrastructure of the buildings and the grounds, thereby to facilitate the life of these categories of the population.

When selecting materials and equipment for the adaptation and accessibility inside the building or outside on the Playground, you must consider all of the obstacles and barriers facing the athlete with disabilities. Taken into account the needs of people with sight problems, hearing, and disorders of the musculoskeletal apparatus.

To do this, the design, construction and reconstruction of buildings and territories, and public use will need the following equipment:

  • ramps and special lifts to move the stairs
  • tactile coating
  • equipment for availability – grab bars


Comprehensive measures for adaptation of infrastructure is not only the elimination of barriers and obstacles. We recommend you to pay attention to these points to ensure comfort and safety:

People with vision problems can move around the building or site with a seeing eye dog. Accordingly, it must be equipped with a special area of the paddock.

For orientation of persons with complete vision loss and visually impaired must be installed tactile coating that will help them to navigate independently and freely move.

For people with violation of the musculoskeletal system and for athletes using wheelchairs, must be fitted with handrails that will provide them with support, helps to do without assistance and without limitation to exercise.

Handrails are made of high-strength stainless steel AISI 304, allowing withstand high loads and resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage.

Handrails are of two types:


With a variety of shapes, size, and length, stainless steel handrail are widely used in public places and medical institutions, and at home to help people after serious operations and people with impaired musculoskeletal system, as well as other people with limited mobility - the elderly, parents with young children and pregnant women.

If you need to implement a set of adaptation measures and the availability of the public or a sports facility for people with disabilities, call us! The company's specialists Sanpeis help with the selection of the necessary equipment.