Folding handrails – their types and purpose

Handrails for people with disabilities make life easier for not only the disabled but also people with problems of the musculoskeletal system, the elderly, those suffering from excess weight, as well as patients with transient and severe injuries.

Folding handrail high demand for small bathrooms. Unlike conventional rail, this option can be easily folded up and thus save space.

Before you purchase a handrail, you should consider the room area, choose a place to install and individual characteristics of the user. Calculation of movements of the person with disabilities, and how he would do this or that procedure. In addition to convenience, handrails are also necessary for security. The bathroom is very slippery, and the extra injury is not necessary.

In addition to the grab bars should be placed the special rubber mats in the bath or shower area, also on the floor, if the tile has a rough surface. Psychologically such a person will be more comfortable knowing that he can serve himself without assistance, if the restroom is equipped for his needs.

Please note, when choosing a handrail takes into account the physiological characteristics of the disabled person: height, weight, and locomotor capabilities. The size of the space depends on the number of handles, when measuring a defined length and diameter, so the patient was comfortable with his bow!


Before install the handrail, make markings on the ground and focus on their safe accommodation, so they are not shackled movement. Then making the hole and inserted the dowel, applied the flanges of the rails and fixed mounting hardware with the kit. Place on top of the plug. Let you place the necessary handrails, but they will not interfere with free movement.

The advantages of stainless steel material:

  • long life
  • resistance to corrosion
  • no deformation
  • moisture


Handrails can also be made of plastic and you can even find wooden counterpart.

Folding grab bars are often installed near the toilet. A mandatory requirement was the installation on the retaining wall, if this is not possible, the alternative is a folding handrail on the counter. It is universal, fixed to the floor or to the wall. To the person with problems of musculoskeletal system was comfortable, standard install handrails on both sides.

There are several options folding handrails:

  • with extra toilet paper holder "H-shaped". Pipe diameter 32 mm – optimum for an adult, comfortable girth hand
  • with toilet paper holder "L-shaped". You can not buy a separate mount for toilet paper
  • standard folding handrail (no additional brackets). It can be installed near the toilet, sink, urinal


These handrails can be easily moved from horizontal to vertical 90 degrees, they simply turned by hand. They are made of AISI 304 stainless steel – highest quality. The composition of the material includes up to 10% chromium and the Nickel content is from 17% to 19%.

According to the norms and safety requirements, the toilet is 2 handrail on two sides: one semicircular (choice of hinged or plain, public places better flip to the stroller make it easier to access the toilet), the second with three points of support. Comfortable height from the floor is the interval 70-75 cm!

For shower you can buy a seat for bathing. The seat base is moisture-proof wood. Frame and stem made of stainless steel. The structure is attached to the bearing wall. Under the current regulations in every public place must be at least one of a cabin for sanitary and domestic needs, is available to all categories of people with limited mobility.

In public areas adapted cabin should not be less than 220 cm in width and 165 cm in depth. These dimensions allow peace to unfold to people using wheelchairs. At the side of the bowl provide a free space of width not less than 80 cm to accommodate a wheelchair.

These handrails are designed to make life easier for people with disabilities. They give people a chance to cope independently during hygiene procedures.

The handrails in the bathroom are placed not only on the sides of the bowl, but near the sink, in the bathroom, in the shower area. You can choose one of the best and most suitable options for you.