Popular types of grab bars for bathrooms

There is a wide variety of handrails for people with disabilities. Depending on the physiological needs of a particular person select the best options.

For example: people suffering from arthritis should avoid additional load on the hands. To solve this problem suitable curved handrails.

Handrails are in great demand not only in living apartments but also in public places such as hospitals, shopping malls, nursing homes, public institutions. According to European standards, which are equal to many countries, presence in public areas handrails to make life easier for people with disabilities, has long been considered the norm in our state and in many neighboring.

First and foremost, the rails placed in bathrooms near the toilet, the sink, in the bath or shower for people with disabilities was able to serve himself or to ease your life. People in wheelchairs use the grab bars in bathrooms as a support when transferring from place to place. There is another type of customers who use the handrails as a safety net when moving on smooth or sloping surfaces.

In the bathroom you can host multiple rails, depending on the area. Near the toilet immediately mounted handrail with two different sides. For wheelchair users one of them is hinged so that you free to drive. For owners of small apartments are optimal, there will be two folding handleto save space. Flick of the wrist they are rising up.

Rated in top most purchased folding handrails included:


Both handrail made of stainless steel. Diameter 32 mm fits arm circumference adult. Size 73х23х11 see Handrails are easy to clean. Folding handrails can also be installed on either side of the sink.

Another popular handle is "l-shaped". Its size 75х75х30 cm, diameter 32 mm. Fixed to the wall and to the floor.

Because the grab bars are attached only to the bearing wall, if not, you can purchase a folding handrail on the counter. It is attached to the floor or to the wall. This model is not the same chassis as the previous one, because it has a high price. It is simply indispensable where there is no nearby support wall.

Universal grab bars are considered direct. They are installed in a horizontal or vertical position, in a level position or at an angle. They are mounted in the bath and shower area, on either side of the sink (put vertical). When you install a handrail at an angle of 45 degrees, the wrist is held in neutral position. Length is from 20 to 60cm. Short handrails is more suitable for children. Straight grab bars are used in order to enable them with their help to rise from seated position or could them make a start. Most popular models:

  • direct 12х60 cm, diameter 25 mm
  • direct 12х60 cm, diameter of 32 mm


Also bought straight grab bars with a diameter of 19 mm with sizes 12х60 cm and 12х50 cm, but much less frequently. All the handrails are made of AISI 304 stainless steel, thanks to which they can be installed in places with high humidity and not be afraid of corrosion.

When choosing a handrail pay attention to its diameter! For a child will fit 19 mm and 32 mm. for an adult Should be a comfortable grip. With the wrong selection of the handrail can slide out, and this factor will have an impact on safety. Before choosing, you should also calculate the anticipated load. When a large weight, the thickness of the metal should be more. Picking up the prop, note the bending of the pipe, convenient or not, and also on section.

During the installation of the calculated height of the structure, which depends on human growth. For ease of use most often it is placed at waist level. In the attachment moisture can penetrate and eventually formed corrosion. To avoid such trouble, use silicone sealant for waterproofing.

Though the product range is quite broad, we have focused our for you to the best driving position. I think that this will help you to find the right option.

When choosing always consider the physiological capabilities of the person who will make daily use of handrails. In case you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help you pick the appropriate option.