Types of folding seats for the bathroom and their purpose

Daily hygiene procedures can become a serious problem for the elderly, people with disabilities or diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The same can be said about people undergoing recovery after surgical operations and women who are in the last months of pregnancy – both of them face temporary problems that restrict freedom of movement. A properly selected and installed folding seat can facilitate the use of the shower.

A special seat for the bathroom will be the best solution for compact rooms thanks to a well-thought-out folding design.

Mount such a seat on a load-bearing wall in the bathroom or shower room. Due to this, a person with limited mobility gets the opportunity to independently take water procedures as comfortably and safely as possible.

Types of folding seats

The catalog presents two types of universal folding shower seats:

  • Plastic-the seat is made of high-strength, durable plastic, and the frame of the structure is made of stainless steel, which is maximally resistant to moisture. Such products are able to withstand a heavy load, are durable and aesthetic. They fit well into the home and public interior;
  • Wooden-in such models, the seat is made of natural wood treated with special impregnations that make it completely immune to moisture. Wooden folding seats on a stainless steel frame do not lose their functionality even with regular exposure to moisture. The protective coating of the wood protects it from deformation and damage, so that the seat looks like new even after many years of operation.


Any of the seats, plastic or wooden, can be installed both in residential premises in an apartment, a private house, a cottage or a bath, and in public – in special medical institutions, sanatoriums, hotels, nursing homes, airports, train stations and other places that involve bathing areas.


Advantages of installing folding seats

The choice in favor of a folding seat for the shower and bathroom gives the user a number of competitive advantages. Among the main advantages of such a seat can be noted:

  • Compactness-the folding folding design makes it possible to install a functional seat for people with limited mobility, even in a very small bathroom or shower room. This is extremely important in cases where the bathroom is used by other people who do not need an additional seat for bathing;
  • Safety – during the production of folding seats, high-strength materials are used, which have a tactile pleasant and non-slip surface, which minimizes the risk of slipping when in contact with water and the likelihood of injury;
  • Amenities – the design of the seat made of plastic and wood is carefully thought out, it is stable and reliable, which guarantees complete safety for sedentary people during bath procedures;
  • Practicality – the materials used in the production are completely protected from moisture. Due to this, they are not subject to corrosion, rotting, cracking and any other deformation. In addition, they are not whimsical in care and are easily cleaned of dirt.



A folding shower seat is the best choice for people who want to maintain healthy body hygiene both independently and with an assistant, which significantly simplifies bath procedures, makes them more convenient and safe.