What do you need to know about energy-efficient buildings and why Armacell?

Did you know that commercial buildings account for 20% of all energy consumed in the US, and up to 30% of this energy is wasted? In a commercial office building, comfort and climate control are top priorities to maintain productivity. We are facing a modern dilemma: how can we maintain our comfort standards while reducing energy consumption and waste?
Although saving on lighting is very important for improving energy efficiency, saving even 10% on climate control gives a much greater effect. You may ask how Armacell can help a building save electricity?

Insulation materials are among the few industrial products that actually save more energy during their lifetime than is required for their production. Thermal insulation can favorably affect energy in a building and indoor air quality by saving energy in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, plumbing and refrigeration equipment, and can also help reduce installation costs. By isolating these mechanical systems, contractors and building owners can optimize energy conservation and achieve higher levels of energy efficiency exceeding mandatory standards.

Armacell products have long been contributing to the improvement of indoor air quality and are recognized by many standards of eco-friendly construction. The Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Armacell has shown that by using ArmaFlex products, 140 times more energy is saved than is required for their production, transportation and disposal. In addition, ArmaFlex reduces 150 times more greenhouse gas emissions than caused by its production.
In addition, many of the products are certified GREENGUARD Gold, the strictest UL emissions certificate, which takes into account safety factors for people such as children and the elderly, and ensures that the product is acceptable for use in environments such as schools and medical facilities.

First of all, as a global organization, Armacell attaches great importance to global citizenship and the social dimension of sustainability while supporting corporate social responsibility efforts worldwide. It is for these reasons that the Armacell brand is made in green.

Voznyuk Anna